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I ve listened to these debates too many times to count on my daily commute, at home, and many other places If you are a history nerd like me, this is manna from heaven Listening to David Strathairn as Abraham Lin I listened to an audiobook of the entire series of debates as read by Richard Dreyfuss as Stephen A Douglas and David Strathairn as Abraham Lincoln.I won t be able to do justice to the audiobook recorded in 2008 , which I highly recommend to anybody who thinks reading these debates might be a daunting task But here is a link to David Frum s positive review of the audiobook And now, I Fred Wemyss , have this to say about the debates themselves What strikes me about the debates is that Lincoln did very little yarn spinning in them We know him as a teller of tales with morals and pointed jokes, but what he does here, for the most part but not for the most important part is react to Douglas, swatting Douglas s attacks as if they were flies In other words, Lincoln is actually on the defensive a lot of the time, while Douglas simply keeps repeating that Lincoln has made deals with abolitionists Finally, though, in one of the last debates, Lincoln lays down moral law in an absolutely universal way In these debates, Lincoln lost the immediate battle, Douglas beating him in a race for the Illinois senate But, the telegraph having been invented by then, the debates were published word for word in newspapers in every major city in America, usually within two or t Any one who had a decent US history teacher had some encounter with the debates that took place between the incumbent Senator from Illinois Stephen A Douglas the Little Giant and the candidate Abraham Lincoln in 1858 They were 7 structured encounters that took place during that election which allowed the first speaker one hour to speak, then the opponent took one and a half hours and then the original speaker took a half hour to rebut I had never taken the time to read all seven debates and I would argue that this format is much accessible than reading dry words on the page.A lot of what was said in those debates is now obscure many of the names mentioned, especially by Douglas, are unknown But the issues then discussed were and are important They discussed both Dred Scott and the Fugitive Slave Law Lincoln both supported and was criticized for his house divided speech.One could listen to the rhetoric and get something out of the presentation Douglas was somewhat of a wonk and insider Richard Dryfuss who does Douglas does a great job of recreating how I think Douglas actually sounded.But there is also the benefit of understanding the skills of each orator in creating arguments Douglas kept hammering at one main point the states and territories should have the right to determine how they felt about slavery Lincoln makes a couple of arguments including one which suggests that the fou At some point I decided that reading original documents was the way to go when it came to studying history Maybe it was when I realized that the David Barton school of thought I d been brought up in was sketchy Though, DB always claimed to own and base all of his stuff off of original documents, he just never expected anyone to check up on him I guess, but even before I realized all the problems with DB I still admired the idea of reading originals I now think reading contemporary commentaries biographies, etc can be good after all, if you don t live in an older culture you will miss alot if someone doesn t explain it to you , but you have to be on the lookout for spin Anyway, I boght this book on ebay years ago, it was the earliest printing I could find for a reasonable price And it s just been sitting on my shelf ever since I ve been trying to read through books I already own, rather than buying , so that I can declutter and then buy books , and doing the library challenge is always a good time to do a short book SoPerhaps I had learned some of these details in the past, but history usually isn t one of my favorite subjects so without maintenance alot of facts get forgotten Anyway, these were debates for the Illinois Senate race of 1858 and were published in newspapers at the time my book was published in 1918, I don t know w Best Books, The Lincoln Douglas Debates By Paul M Angle This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Lincoln Douglas Debates, Essay By Paul M Angle Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I am very glad I listened to the audio version of the debates, with David Strathairn and Richard Dreyfus performing If I hadn t listened to the debates in their entirety, I don t think I would have really appreciated the masterful jobs both Lincoln and Douglas did with strategizing their arguments You can see many of the things we see in today s politics the kowtowing to political correctness, the name calling here liar and forger are the bad ones , acting badly to create an impression, nuancing a previous questionable statement, dredging up decades old news stories, showing perverse researching skills, storytelling like a local, and Lincoln did all these things, Douglas did most if not all In the end, it felt like Douglas always felt he was in the right, never changed his story, but Lincoln really modified his attack from a legal to a moral perspective, which really only Glad I read this before the election this year Things are different now for sure Regardless of who you align yourself with, Lincoln or Douglas, one must admit that no one debates like this any The way they presented and defended their stance was commendable Attacking or questioning each other was interesting as well Neither let the other get by with a less than adequate answer If politicians would still debate in this format AND This book is a verbatim transcript of the 14 debates that Abraham Lincoln and Senator Stephen Douglas had during the hot summer and early fall of 1858 Douglas, the Democrat, tries to paint Lincoln as a Black Republican abolitionist, while Lincoln denies this but steadfastly holds true to his conviction that slavery must not be extended to the territories, while conceding that the government cannot alter slavery where it already existed These debates took place in a cou Although the issues and ideas were dealt with in much greater depth than one would find in modern political debate, there was still a liberal amount of mudslinging by both men. Excellent audio rendering by Strathairn and Dreyfuss of the Debates.A few notes Neither Andrew Jackson nor T Jefferson did not believe in the binding force of judicial esp SCOTUS decisions other than as applied to that case specifically speaking on Dred Scott Lincoln thought that the Founders did not make the country part slave and part free, rather, they found the existence of slavery and left it in place for the time being because they knew of no way to get rid of it at that time The Founders cut off the source of slavery by the abolition of the slave trade and restricted it to where it existed at the time and placed it where all understood that slavery would be in the course of ultimate extinction But they did not see the coming of the cotton gin, which led to the necessity of slavery Lincoln thought that Whites and Blacks were created equal as to certain inalienable rights, among which ar The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

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