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Floris, mon amour Oricat De Blazati Am Fi, Nu Poti Rezista In Fata Acestui Formidabil Roman De Capa Si Spada Care Te Prinde In Vartejul Nebunesc Al Intamplarilor Lui Si Te Poarta In Mirajul Vremurilor Apuse, Oferindu Ti Totodata Fiorul Uneia Din Cele Mai Frumoase Si Tulburatoare Povesti De Dragoste Din Cate S Au Scris In Anii Din Urma Cele Patru Volume Ale Romanului Istoric Din Ciclul FLORIS Al Scriitoarei Franceze Jacqueline Monsigny Au Constituit Un Mare Succes De Librarie, Atat In Franta, Unde Au Aparut Sub Egida Prestigioasei Edituri GRASSET, Cat Si In Cele De Tari , Unde Au Fost Publicate In Tiraje De Masa Intrunind Aprecieri De Veritabil Best Seller I am not sure how the English translations of the tetralogy are done and if they convey the super campy fun feel of this one in the Dumas tradition though with a pretty feminist and explicit on occasions modern take, but check them out if you want a crazy series about 3 larger than life characters actually there are hard to forget ones the 3 sort of siblings from the Villeneuve family Adrien the older son of the countess Maximilienne with her rogue husband, Floris, her son with Peter the Great, tsar of all Russias and the young Baptistine, the daughter of her husband with a famous bandit s sister This volume starts with Peter s visit to France and his whirlwind romance with Maximilienne and then moves to Russia until Peter s death and then after lots of crazy adventures, back to France where in true historical romance fashion from Dumas on, the whole edifice above is established when the presumed dead count returns with baby Baptistine and offers Maximilienne a deal she cannot refuse raise the girl as her daughter and the count disappears forever faking his death but legitimizing Floris in the bargain too Later the main adventure starts in earnest when the boys grow and they go to Louis XV courtJust super fun I read this a bunch of times along the years, so this is like a quick reread and i will talk only about the last volume too, but the whole tetralogy is justly famous in Europe Uzun zamandir okumak istedigim bir kitaptiTarihi roman okumak isteyenlerin sevecegi bir roman Bu kitabi degerli bir kitap dostumun tavsiyesi uzerine almistimDort kitaplik bir serinin ilk romani 1972 yilinda basilmis Florisi kadin zannediyordum erkekmis lk saskinli ligim o olduYazarin kaleminin akiciligi guzelligi beni oldukca sasirtti Hikaye gercek bir hayat hikayedinden mi alindi bilemiyoeum Floris Car Deli Petro nun gayri mesru ogluAnnesi ile oldukca tutkulu bir ask yasiyorlar Hayatta kalan tek oglunu yerine secemeden oluyor CarVe bundan sonrasi annesi Milli nin ilk kocasindan oglu Adrien ile tek aski Piyer ar Deli Petro den olan oglu Floris icin oldukca macerali gececektirDevamli okudugumuz ngiliz Lady ve Lordlarindan sonra Fransa ve Rusya da gecen guzel bir historicalBir de Baptistine var hikayenin kadin karakteriMilli nin ilk kocasinin gayri mesru K ziOldukca renkli ve cesitli karakterlerin oldugu bir roman This series makes you dream of the first time you read Dumas and his way of telling the stories.This first volume is in my mind the best of them all, although all the rest are also very much worth reading.This is the story of a life time love between the beautiful Maximiliene Villenueve Camaye and the Russian Tsar Petru the Great, followed by the amazing story of Maximiliene s return to France with the 3 sort of siblings from the Villeneuve family Adrien the older son of the countess Maximilienne with her rogue husband The count, Floris, her son with Petru the Great and the young Baptistine, the daughter of the count with a famous bandit s sister Follow these 3 amazing characters through their lifes and you will nor regret it I am doing it right now

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