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Programmed by God or Free to Choose? Description Are We In Fact Than Just Inert Clay In The Divine Potter S Hands This Book Seeks To Prove Conclusively From Scripture That Mankind S Freedom To Seek God Was Not Retracted At The Fall, And That All Humanity S Sins Were Borne On The Cross By The Lord Jesus Christ The Five Points Of Calvinism Under Scrutiny, Often Known By Their Acronym, TULIP, Are A Resume Of Doctrines Formulated At The Council Of Dort In This Council Maintained That The Fall Of Adam Resulted In The Inability Of Man To Seek, Or Even To Desire To Seek, God The Council Of Dort Declared That Only Those Who Have Received Prior Regenerating Grace Are In Fact Capable Of Seeking Him As You Read This Book, You Will See That God Has Sovereignly Decided To Preserve Genuine Human Freedom Of Choice, And That This Brings Him Glory And Delight You Will Also See That Predestination Is Not About Who Is Destined To Become A Christian, But About Whom A Christian Is Destined To Become About The Contributor S Dudley Ward Founded The Entrepierres Retreat And Counseling Center For Christian Workers In The French Speaking World, Situated In Provence, France In He And His Wife, Jill, Began Acquiring And Rebuilding A Ruined Medieval Alpine Village As A Place Of Rest And Refreshment For Christian Workers Serving In Europe Their Son, Jonathan, Is Now Directing And Expanding The Work Dudley Continues His Missionary Work In The Region, And Is Developing An Itinerant Ministry Of Fellowship And Practical Help To Fellow Missionaries And National Workers His Goal Is To Encourage Them And Nourish Their Passion For Serving God By Coming Alongside Where Needed

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    It s a decent effort targeted at the layman, but the problem is that any good Calvinist has already learned the rhetorical gymnastics necessary to vault past the Scriptural passages that

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    A brilliant book, containing much needed reminders from God s Word that He loves everyone and desires that ALL come to know Him.

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