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The Gift of Girls Magdalena Wallace Is Good At Maths And Scores A Great Summer Job As An Intern At City Accountants Roche Marshall Where She Is Trusted To Check Accounts She Doesn T Tell Her Boss, The Darkly Mysterious Simon Roche, That She Works Nights As A Waitress At Rebels Casino Dressed In Fishnets And A Corset Magdalena Is Desperate She Needs The Money.When Magdalena Learns A Secret System From A High Roller, She Plays The Tables And Loses Her University Savings She Then Dips Into Clients Money And Loses That As Well What S , Simon Roche Has Found Out Should He Go To The Police And Report Magdalena, Or Will She Agree To Be His Slave Until The Debt Is Paid She Agrees But Never Envisaged Just How Far She Will Have To Go To Break Even.

About the Author: Chloe Thurlow

After uni, I started working in PR and got bored to tears It was fun being a waitress and writing in the dark silent hours from 2am to 6 I managed to complete a novel I called Being A Girl and fell over in the street after Nexus published it and the editor gave me a bottle of champagne I drank too quickly Now, here we are, penning away night and day, five novels and three naughty shortie

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    my better half discovered Chloe a couple of years back, and I picked up her book out of curiosity In my humble opinion BETTER THAN VIAGRA If a 30 something male and twenty something female can read this together and both enjoy it and then play out some of the sensual scenes then Chloe must be ...

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    Thank you, next time I ll pass Horny teen meets Eyes Wide Shut and crosses Spank Me Daddy territory.Let me start by saying that this was my first Thurlow book Although I was forewarned and prepared to meet a few edgy sexual situations of the extreme inside The Gift of Girls , I was not prepared to meet the author s repetit

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    The Gift of Girls is well written literary erotica It is a coming of age story that measures the protagonist s growth by her acceptance of a variety of sexual taboos She is basically a wild child with a literary soul.For me, the unfortunate truth is that the author s kink is not my kink There were certain aspects of the sexual pla

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    Finally, an erotic adventure thats written by women FOR women I absolutely loved this book I wish I had discovered Chloe years ago It would have saved me from reading a load of erotica with weak female characters that seem to dominate this genre Thank you Chloe, please write some

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    I thought it was very hot and very smutty This is not a romance novel

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    Rating 3 1 2A few interesting sections Cute ending The masters of the universe element didn t work for me The boarding school references got annoying after a while It doesn t quite work as a normal novel, and it doesn t quite work as the other kind But Thurlow seems to have ...

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    PAYING THE PRICE Caught dipping her fingers in the company till, Magdalena is threatened with the police unless she attends a house party at her boss s country estate where she will be expected to be a sex slave for 48 hours She agrees, rather than being prosecuted, but didm t know just how far she would have to go to pay off the debt This is erotica at its best

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    I began this one at some point during the summer, but left it at home on my various trips Reading it in fits and spurts, so to speak, probably was not the best way to tackle this There was a bit of a disconnect between the philosophical musings of Magdalena and her vision...

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