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Don't Make a Sound Plagued By Traumatic Childhood Memories, Crime Reporter Sawyer Brooks Still Struggles To Gain Control Of Her Rage, Her Paranoia, And Her Life Now, After Finally Getting Promoted At Work, She Is Forced To Return Home And Face Her PastRiver Rock Is Where She D Been Abandoned By Her Two Older Sisters To Suffer Alone, And In Silence, The Unspeakable Abuses Of Her Family It S Also Where Sawyer S Best Friend Disappeared And Two Teenage Girls Were Murdered Three Cold Cases Dead And Buried With The Rest Of The Town S SecretsWhen Another Girl Is Slain In A Familiar Grisly Fashion, Sawyer Is Determined To Put An End To The Crimes Pulled Back Into The Horrors Of Her Family History, Sawyer Must Reconcile With Her Estranged Sisters, Who Both Have Shattering Memories Of Their Own As Sawyer S Investigation Leads To River Rock S Darkest Corners, What Will Prove Dangerous What She Knows Of The Past Or What She Has Yet To Discover

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    3.5 starsFirst of all, I think it is important to note this story involves sexual crimes It s big element of the story so if that is a topic that you try to avoid reading about, I suggest you take a pass on this book While I wouldn t say this goes into the most graphic detail I have ever read, it still was disturbing and a lot to mentally process I read mysteries and thrillers all the time and I would put it in the compelling bu

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    A dark and gritty start to a new series by T.R Ragan Sawyer Brooks, a crime reporter, returns home for her grandmother s funeral Sawyer and her family have a sad and twisted past This book combines Sawyer s personal story, the stories of her sisters, and a series of murders in her hometown Fast paced, exciting, and twisted I look forward to readingof this series.

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    There was alot of emotion reading this book,firstly as loved reading all her other books this book just took along time to get into this book wasn t sure about the characters maybe as a new series plus the delicate storyline of child abuse even it didn t give you harrowing details it a subject I avoid reading.it ended up a good storyline it starts Sawyer who s a journalist becomes a crime reporter goes back to her childhood town as her gr

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    You can find my full review here my goodness What a cluster fuck this was It was going pretty decently until the main character went home It was really obvious which sister was part of the revenge group, and common sense and the process of elimination made it obvious who had killed the girls and was obsessed with Sawyer Way too many subplots Things that were intended to be red herrings, weren t Glad I didn t pay for this one You can find my fu

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    I didn t think it was possible to squeeze so much darkness into one book, but that s exactly what T.R Ragan did with

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    After reading and enjoying other books by this author, I jumped at the chance to get it as anPrime Reads selection Now I ve finished it, and I have to say it just didn t push the right buttons for me It s heavy handed in the focus on sexual abuse often graphically described , psychologically damaged victims and some of the sickest characters I ve ever had the displeasure to meet It s not that it isn t well written, I hasten to add it was for me just too

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    3.5 starsLots of triggers, so beware I waffled between 3 4 stars because I couldn t put this one down Lots of plot threads Some were wrapped up but lots hanging I will read the 2nd book I hope Sawyer lets Derek in, eventually I like the gradual building of their relationship.

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    A dark twisted revenge thriller Kindle Unlimited title The writing narration were mediocre but I still found myself thoroughly entertained This is book one in a new series If you re concerned about triggers be aware that pretty much every possible one is in this book A dark twisted revenge thriller Kindle Unlimited title The writing narration were mediocre but I still found myself thoroughly entertained This is book one in a new series If you re concerned about t

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    Don t Make a Sound is a gripping, suspenseful thriller following three sisters Sawyer, Aria and Harper who have disturbing and horrific pasts but are doing their best to cope with their trauma while attempting to live somewhat normal lives That is until their grandmother passes away and Sawyer a newly promoted crime investigative reporter in Sacramento travels back home to their small town of River Rock which also has a dark, menacing history two young girls were myst

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    My goodness that was dark and awesome I have read previous series by this author and really enjoyed them and couldn t wait to read this I upgraded my kindle version to audio and listened to the whole thing today, I couldn t turn it off These new characters are so damaged in so many ways The 2 storylines running at the same time was really good I am sure that they will cross over many times to come.

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