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RNWY (RNWY Universe Book 1) What They Re Saying Humor And Adventure Like Guardians Of The Galaxy Goodreads Reader Like Hitchhiker S Guide To The Galaxy Anina Net, Fashion Network Amazingly Fun And Heartwarming Reader Damned Near Perfect Reader A World That S Easy To Get Immersed In Reader Reminds Of Star Wars Advance Reader A Joy Of A Novel To Read Advance ReaderThe Year Is Humans Biological Clocks Have Been Stopped For Than Years, Freeing Humanity From Aging And Death AIs Have Rights, And Can Even Acquire Full CitizenshipIt S Also Fashion Week Antisocial Fashion Editor Pablo Starr Who Runs Space Fashion Week, Via RNWY Is Bored And Depressed, As Usual He Has Endless Riches, And Like Everyone In Doesn T Age, But He S Been Searching For His Lost Love For Almost YearsMeanwhile, Supermodel Turned Reality Star Samantha Of Mean Spirited Holo Show Samanthais Trying To Make A Name For Herself As An Inventor, But She S Mocked By The Media And Her Shallow Co WorkersTheir Lives Are Connected, And Changed, When DOS, An Antiquated Robot, Crashes The Chanel Show Looking For SamanthaS Has A Wild Story His Owner Has Been Abducted By A Sention Sim A Lifelike Android Made By Fashion Robotics , And Pablo Will Be NextWelcome To Book Of RNWY UniverseSee A Full History, Technological Specs, And Take The AI Citizenship Test At RNWYUniverse FROM THE AUTHOR As With The Marvel Movies, My Books Are Very Much Explorations Of Character But My Characters Aren T Chosen Ones They Re Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things Using Compassion, Wit, Humor, And Kindness Even When Their Choices Are Difficult RNWY Book Is Also About Some Of The Ways Technology Will Challenge Some Our Basic Assumptions About Life And How We Can Rise To The Occasion With Expanded Notions Of Family And Love The Next Step For The Book Is As A Graphic Novel Series And Motion Picture You Can Follow RNWY Universe As It Develops On Instagram RNWYUniverse And At RNWYUniverse What a great read Interesting view of the future The characters are wonderful and the story is compelling to keep me reading to the end I have not read this author previously but will definitely read from this author.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I ve been looking for books with humor and adventure like Guardians of the Galaxy, and this was recommended by a friend I was reluctant to read this since I m not interested in fashion, but I m pleased to say it was funny and adventurous like Guardians but also unexpectedly deep I can see resemblances to Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, but whereas Hitchhiker s is somewhat nihilistic, this book explores some of the deeper meanings behind our concepts of love friendship, family, and life itself Some of the futuristic science is also hilarious, in that just believable enough way, and some of the dialogue is also funny as hell Extra bonus If you like or hate fashion or social media, there s a lot to enjoy here, too. Unusual sci fiI thought this would be dopey and self involved, I was wrong It is quite creative and damned near perfect, it really looks like a possible future, crazy as that seems.

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