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Next to Nothing (The Chosen One #3) This series just keeps getting better and better.If you like supernatural M M book Then you should definitely read this Macy Blake has made amazing word I loved this book so much, I ended up reading it all in one day The only annoying OMG This is by far the best book in have read in a while I couldn t put this down for how amazing this book is So many twist and turns that I just couldn t even contain myself how amazing this book And that ending I can t wait for the next one 4.5 stars Can t decide if I m going to round up This series is SO good Looks like we re finally getting some answers even if it was at the very end of this book Now on to Oh my goddess All the stars This series somehow gets better and better all the time The Chosen universe that Macy Blake has created is fascinating and gets complex with each installment Sawyer and his guardians and mates are all characters with such depth and unique stories and pasts, and are so varied even down to their most basic cellular makeups and yet they all fit so beautifully together I can t imagine them NOT being mates However their harmonious household is suddenly thrown into subtle chaos with the arrival of Sawyer s newest fae prince guardian, and that is when things start to get complicated.I will not speak to the rest of the plot in this review, as this particular book really needs to be experienced spoiler free, so instead I will tell you that you don t want to miss where Macy Blake is taking this series This series is HOT HOT HOT It gets hotter all the time and wow I don t know how that is possible I also don t know how Macy keeps track of body parts, but KUDOS for an amazing job But though this book and this series is super steamy and getting steamier all the time, the plot and series arc is even compelling There are secrets revealed in this one, and man that ENDING GUYS Just wait Mind Blown I could not put this book down until I was finished, and even then, I sat there with my jaw literally dropped, mind utterly blown This is one intricately woven story I can t wait to get of I always enjoy the dynamic between Sawyer, Draco, Henry, Eduard, and Wow4.75 This is by far the best of the series as it kept me entertained the whole way through I love Sawyer and his protectors.Sex is used heavily in these books to cement the bond between the chosen one Sawyer and his protectors, although in this one it wasn t featured as heavily as previous books It makes sense because you will fight to death to protect the ones you love What I enjoy is that even though they are marked as protectors, that doesn t mean they have to have a relationship with the others, or even Sawyer unless they want but considering the mutual attraction between Sawyer and all of this Protectors this seems a null point it s all about choice.I enjoyed the storyline in this one, about them not being sure of the Fae prince I liked how that was resolved and the ending was so good, I was a little confused and then nearly crying because I want the next addition now I m really impressed with how t Freakin A Okay Well, that just happened I need the next book NOW This is not a stand alone I highly suggest that you stop now and make sure that you have read all the other books in this series, the first book of the Hellhound series and Mickey s novella This series builds upon each previous book and the Hellhounds 1 and the novella will be spoiled by feeding this first.I enjoyed this book, there is some mystery and intrigue going on in the land of the Fae While Sawyer waits for his newest guardian to return, he is troubled by his attraction to someone that isn t one of his guard Yes, please can I have some Fabulous A Gay Paranormal Harem Romance What Do You Get When You Mix A Dragon, A Vampire, A Griffin, A Mage, And A Human Sawyer Smith S Life Sounds Like A Punchline, But The Mates He S Come To Love Are No Joke They Re Fierce And Wonderful, Protecting Him From The Outside Forces Trying To Destroy Him Add In A Reluctant Hippocamp And An Egotistical Fae Prince, And Sawyer Has His Hands Full In Ways Than One Sawyer Is Closer Than Ever To Fulfilling The Ancient Prophecy Of The Chosen One, But The Bonds Between Him And His Newest Guardians Are Giving Him Doubts The Rules Are Changing, And Sawyer Has To Adapt Quickly If He S Going To Keep Up, Especially After He S Whisked Away To The Land Of The Fae, A Place With Cryptic Customs One Misstep Could Very Well Lead To His Death Navigating The Waters Of His Newest Relationship Is Tricky Enough Without The Encroaching Dangers Something Terrifying Is Heading Sawyer S Way, Threatening Not Only His Life, But Everything He S Built With The Mates He Loves Despite Their Concerns, Sawyer Is Ready To Make Sacrifices, Because There S Next To Nothing He Wouldn T Do To Keep Them Safe. Did not like it as much as the rest of the series The mystery just stretches till the end so was a bit disappointed with the pace. Very good next step in the saga It has a good mystery within the larger mystery that is resolved and then ends with a new mystery within the larger mystery to tackle in the next book I liked that this book seems to get back to Sawyer and Draco a little even if there is a log of focus on the newer member

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