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A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891–1924 EPUB A People S Tragedy The Russian Revolution, 1891 1924 Author Orlando Figes Undercostruction.eu Opening With A Panorama Of Russian Society, From The Cloistered World Of The Tsar To The Brutal Life Of The Peasants, A People S Tragedy Follows Workers, Soldiers, Intellectuals And Villagers As Their World Is Consumed By Revolution And Then Degenerates Into Violence And Dictatorship Drawing On Vast Original Research, Figes Conveys Above All The Shocking Experience Of The Revolution For Those Who Lived It, While Providing The Clearest And Most Cogent Account Of How And Why It Unfolded Now Including A New Introduction That Reflects On The Revolution S Centennial Legacy, A People S Tragedy Is A Masterful And Definitive Record Of One Of The Most Important Events In Modern History. IllustrationsPrefaceGlossaryNotes on DatesMaps A People s Tragedy The Russian Revolution, 1891 1924 NotesBibliographyIndex While I was halfway through this, an inspirational quote from Lenin happened to come up on my reddit feed Something from one of those early speeches, about equality for all I left a comment to suggest I thought quite mildly that it was, perhaps, ethically questionable to be quoting with approbation someone responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people only to be downvoted into oblivion by other users You re probably thinking about Stalin, said one Fuck off, clarified another Lenin was actually very socially liberal, and kept his word about democracy for the people This would be the same Lenin who shut down Russia s constituent assembly, who sidelined trade unions and had striking workers shot for desertion, who turned the country into a police state, built a chain of concentration camps and institutionalised terrorism as a matter of deliberate policy Painful to see him held up as a beacon of humanitarianism by people who apparently haven t even understood Animal Farm It s interesting, though, because even when I was growing up the far left was always quite cool in a way that the far right never was its unelectability made it harmless, and it gained a certain cachet from its opposition to a string of unpopular Tory governments and by associa If you thought the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones was brutal, Orlando Figes wants to educate you You don t pick up a book like A People s Tragedy with the notion that it s going to be filled with newborn puppies, ice cream giveaways, and people finding rolled up and forgotten twenty dollar bills in their pockets If you do have that notion well, you should really reread the title Even so, the collection of misery in Figes massive history of the Russian Revolution is pretty overwhelming This is 824 pages of small font despair, as the Russian people move from ruthless and ordered autocracy to ruthless and unordered Revolution, before finally settling on a ruthless Soviet government as dictatorial and arbitrary as anything seen under the Tsars Contained between these two covers are all the things my wife tells me are not appropriate small talk for dinner parties War war as waged by fools the attendant slaughter of war as waged by fools revolution the attendant slaughter of revolution as waged by fanatics famine torture capriciousness shortsightedness disloyalty backstabbing A people s tragedy The Russian Revolution 1891 1924, Orlando FigesA People s Tragedy The Russian Revolution 1891 1924 is an award winning book written by British historian Orlando Figes and published in 1996 According to Figes the whole of 1917 could be seen as a political battle between those who saw the revolution as a means of bringing the war to an end and those who saw the war as a means of bring

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