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Barbarians Led by Bill Gates A novel best describing Gates and his ways Kind of Inspirational too. Teamed With The Daughter Of One Of Bill Gates S Closest Associates, Thirteen Year Microsoft Veteran Marlin Eller Illuminates Every Step Along Gates S Route To World Domination And To Microsoft S Current Headline Making Federal Antitrust Case, Making All That S Been Written Before Seem Like A Rough Guess Revealing The Smoke And Mirror Deals, The Launching Of Products Tha Entertaining angle on the rise of Microsoft. An optional read biograpy on leadership for knowledge workers, managers, directors, C levels, and entrepreneurs. Amusing, but I wonder if the author had too many axes to grind to be objective. Leo Laporte mentioned this book on TWiT This Week in Tech is an Internet radio show OK, podcast that has an audience of about 250,000 people each week www.twit.tv I decided that I should pick up a copy and bone up on some of the behind the scenes stuff that was going on back in the early days at Microsoft.I am really glad I did I was able to fill in some back story on a lot of people whose names I have heard but didn t really know much about.If you are even a little curious, check this one o Leo Laporte mentioned this book on TWiT This Week in Tech I still enjoy re reading this book recently before I donating it.I still don t believe the position in defending IE from Microsoft side, as written in last chapter The browser war as we know, many innovative products companies were killed by gate h

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