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Crossed Out (DCI Bennett Book 6) I love the Cyril Bennett series by Malcolm Hollingdrake and was looking forward to reading this new addition to the series and I wasn t disappointed.Small, numbered wooden crosses are turning up all over the area with a small bag of red hair attached what do they mean When bodies start turning up with red hair Cyril and his team start hunting for clues.There is a new addition to the team, April, who is immediately a significant addition when it becomes clear her biblical knowledge is going to be very useful in solving the case I love the way April slots in to the team or less seamlessly given the problems the team are having recovering from the loss of Liz The team members continue to develop and I love the way they all fit together perfectly no flies in the ointment in this team Cyril has had big problems coming to terms with the death of Liz and Julie is his rock I love how the relationship is working out and the support she gives to Cyril We learn a little about his past in this book which goes to m Now, it s been a while since I started and finished a book within the same day but Crossed Out had me hooked and I couldn t put it down which is how I finished this gripping story within a day Crossed Out had me intrigued from the prologue and it was great to be back in DCI Bennett s world once I must mention that this is book six in the DCI Bennett series and it does make references to the previous books in the series so they are best read in order The story is written well, thrilling and fast paced You really won t want to put it down Crossed Out is a brilliant, cleverly written story with links to religion Christianity in this complicated, mysterious case But not too much for it to become boring for the reader, infact I learnt quiet a lot from reading this story about Christianity myself which is always a bonus This could be one of Malcolm s best stories in the series yet Very impressed This is one of those stories that will make you go Ah Tha Crossed Out is a riveting addition to the DCI Bennett series Although 6th in the series, this can easily be read as a stand alone.When a house crumples into a sinkhole, Bennett and his team are called out to investigate when a body is found They also find a number of old crosses, each one numbered.DC April Richmond is introduced as a new team member and impresses them all with her knowledge of all things biblical Due to her assistance, the team makes a remarkable discovery.Bennett and the team find themselves wondering if the killer is exacting revenge or punishment and whatever the answer, they soon realize the clock is ticking.Very suspenseful, this one kept me riveted to the pages until the very last sentence on the very last page Also whetted my appetite to go back to the beginning of this series for a marathon reading The characters are interesting, and Crossed Out is the sixth book in the gripping DCI Cyril Bennett crime series I think it would be beneficial to have at least read the last two books in the series though the author gives just enough for anyone wanting to jump straight in but as it s a fabulous series, I do recommend reading them all.When I first met Cyril, the author didn t give to much away about who he is or his past As the books have gone along, the author kind of drip feeds us little bits so we are still left knowing that we like him as a character, but left intrigued to know Well Crossed Out we finally get to know a lot about him and it didn t disappoint I really enjoyed the two threads that run throughout this book In one hand we have someone going around killing people in some horrific ways, which really did horrify yet thr The that you read a series and the you expect of the author to come up with something that will welcome you like an old friend and Malcolm Hollingdrake does just that As each book comes along, this is book six, I have begun to recognise the little traits that make all of the characters individual and that is how it is with DCI Cyril Bennett and DS David Owen I feel that I know a little how their minds work as a team and on their own but we all have secrets and pasts, as each new book comes along it is as if a trust builds up between the characters and readers and little is shared.The story plummets straight into the bowels of the earth, as a sinkhole has partly devoured a house, leaving the occupants on the way to hospital and the search revealing a dead body that has been there for some time While Bennett and Owen are looking into who the mysterious person can be, a number of remembrance crosses, are turning up with dyed real hair attached in plastic bags and each with an individual DCI Cyril Bennett and DS David Owen are back for another murder mystery in Crossed Out there are crosses found and scarlet hair messages to the world but from whom When the first murdered body is found, the team know they will have their hands full to find the killer Introduction On the book cover of Crossed Out, it says Red Dead Corrected and, in fact, this is what the sixth thriller in the DCI Bennett series is all about Just that Need to know Let me tell you about the first of April when the first signs of a dark and disturbed mind are presented to us There is talk of an offering, of a cross and a buried package Hair to be dyed to a scarlet red colour Then there is Angie Rose sitting on a bench on The Stray, cutting herself And this is only the beginning of yet another rainy day in Harrogate Storyline With a growing feeling of suspense, we watch someone meticulously plan to plant wooden crosses What is the meaning of it Meanwhile, DS David Owen fills yet another mug of tea for himself and of course, s When a book starts with missing persons, acid attacks, drugs and bodies, you know you re in for a tangled tale Cyril, his team augmented this time by a new girl, April, have their work cut out April, as Cyril advises, occasionally goes with her gut He is happy to follow it His own past is further explored, an I thoroughly enjoyed this latest instalment of the Cyril Bennett series, the sixth one I have read all of them and it is always nice to read a series in order, but this book can easily be read as a standalone too, if need be This is a book with quite a complex plot and it sees Cyril and Owen trying to figure out the meaning of the crosses which keep on turning up on their patch, as well as the dead bodies There is a connection, but they are not sure what it is Their new colleague, April Richmond, has some in depth knowledge to share that Owen, in particular, really appreciates She is a welcome addition to the team and I am enjoying getting to know her, as well as re acquainting myself with the main characters too There is also a reveal about Cyril s past which is intriguing and which explains a few things about why he is who he is.I always love reading the books in this series because, as well as being good police procedurals, the personalities and re PDF Epub Crossed Out DCI Bennett Book 6 Author Malcolm Hollingdrake Chardonneret.eu Looking For An Unmissable Crime Thriller From A Best Selling Author DCI Bennett And His Team Are Back And Called To A House In Ripon That Has Collapsed Into A Sinkhole Where A Body Is Discovered.Soon Old Weathered Remembrance Crosses Are Found Dug Up Each One Numbered.DC April Richmond Is Assigned To Help The Team Due To Her Impressive Biblical Knowledge And Soon Makes A Startling Discovery.Meanwhile, Gideon Fletcher Is Walking Around The Streets Of Harrogate Distributing Religious Texts Is There A Link Between Gideon And The Crosses Do The Crosses Have Anything To Do With The Body In The House Bennett And The Team Find Themselves Wondering If The Killer Is Exacting Revenge Or Punishment And Whatever The Answer, They Soon Realise The Clock Is Ticking.Crossed Out Is An Intricate And Gripping Crime Thriller From The Best Selling DCI Bennett Series It Can Easily Be Read As A Stand Alone Novel And Will Appeal To Fans Of Authors Like Joy Ellis, Faith Martin, LJ Ross Angela Marsons.Also Available In The DCI Bennett Series Only The DeadHell S GateFlesh EvidenceGame PointDying Art It was brilliant to find that the author was giving us an insight into Cyril and his past and it endeared him to me even He is a very straight no nonsense character but he also has a soft side and from the descriptions of his early life you can begin to understand why Owen still has a major part to play in the investigations and a new character April has been introduced I love Harrogate and the surrounding area as the setting for the books which are wel

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Crossed Out (DCI Bennett Book 6) book, this is one of the most wanted Malcolm Hollingdrake author readers around the world.

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