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The New Neighbors What If Your Perfect Home Turned Out To Be The Scene Of The Perfect Crime Londoners Jack And Syd Moved Into The House A Year Ago It Seemed Like Their Dream Home Tons Of Space, The Perfect Location, And A Friendly Owner Who Wanted A Young Couple To Have ItSo When They Made A Grisly Discovery In The Attic, Jack And Syd Chose To Ignore It That Was A MistakeBecause Someone Has Just Been Murdered Right Outside Their Back DoorAnd Now The Police Are Watching Them

About the Author: Simon Lelic

Simon Lelic was born in 1976 and has worked as a journalist in the UK and currently runs his own business in Brighton, England, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

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    This thing I ve planned for so carefully it has all gone drastically, horribly wrongWell, this proved to be a very difficult review for me to write Not because I didn t like the book, obviously I didn t just like it, I enjoyed it so much that I started composing bits and pieces of my review at around 50% mar

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    This is a wonderfully dark and twisted psychological thriller by Simon Lelic It shifts and runs into unexpected places, different from the blurb given about the book Jack has uncomfortable feelings about a London house that his girlfriend, Syd Baker, thinks is perfect for them To their surprise, given they tendered

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    3.5 STARS When Jack and Syd buy their first home together in London, they feel like they ve hit the jackpot It s a big rambling old house, and although it needs lots of work, they got a really good deal because the owner wanted a young couple to have it, and accepted their lower bid But you know the saying If it seems too

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    4.5 Dark and Twisted Stars .5This book was originally titled The House I believe this is actually aapt title this book is about Jack and Sid finding their dream house a house really out of their price range yet unbelievably they get it. at first they feel lucky although Jack is never quite sold on the house The house is also fil

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    3.5 I haven t been very lucky with thriller so far this year but I m very happy to say this one was worth the read The writing style won t be for everyone, it s very casual and mostly in the form of journal entries However my main criteria for thrillers is to be surprise by at least some of the twist and I thought I knew what was what

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    2.5 starsI do believe my expectations were too high.The story begins with an intriguing scene that caught my interest right away, one of the characters declares The thing I ve planned so carefully has gone drastically, horribly wrong The beginning was great and I loved set up of how a new couple Jack and Syd were shopping for their first home

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    This is a domestic psychological thriller, heavier on the domestic side which kind of threw me for a loop I always love a dual perspective novel, and this one added another dimension the first part of the story is told from journal entries and the conversational tone of the narrative was unique This one just went in a different direction than I was

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    A truly unique reading experience with some fantastic twists that had me up late finishing See my full review on my blog When I first started to read The New Neighbors by Simon Lelic, I honestly didn t know what to make of it Lelic uses a really interesting style with this book, where for about the first 2 3 the two main characters are writing back and for

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    It s impossible to start this book and not become addicted to it instantly The way the book is written Jack and his girlfriend Syd, write their side of the story as a journal in alternating chapters just intrigues you so much you have to keep reading What is it about the house that s so troublesome What s that smell Who is Elise Admittedly I would have liked a li

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    Damn, this book was GOOD Fun fact about me first I ve been dying to crack into the suspense thriller genre again for a long time now, so when I came across this book on NetGalley I had to put in a request for it and was elated to find that I was approved It shot up my TBR list just because it fit the bill for what I was craving perfectly, and boy am I glad it did becaus

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