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Agent in Place Court Gentry Is Back In Action This Time He S Working On Behalf Of A Well Connected Group Of Syrian Expats To Secure The Syrian President S Mistress So They Can Use Her To Bring Down The President S Regime But The Expats Plan Goes Awry When It S Discovered The Mistress Has A Baby The Syrian President S Only Male Heir Hidden Away In A Damascus Safe HouseCourt Goes After The Baby, A Decision That Comes At The Price Of The Mistress S Life The Expat Organization Deems The Boy Now Useless To Their Cause And Refuses To Protect Him Against The Syrian First Lady And The Notorious Swiss Assassin In Her Employ With No Support On The Way, Court Realizes He Ll Have To Take Down The Syrian President Himself If He And The Boy Are Going To Make It Out Alive

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    Thank you to Net Galley, The publishers and to Mark Greaney for an honest review, which is easy as I love these books.Mark Greaney is on my list of favourite authors and most of these are action thriller authors, as well as gripping police thriller autho

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    full action it took me around 150 pages to get warm with the book looking backward i quite admire Greaney for his ability not to rush forward but to build the background, the characters, the plot with carefull manicured details As this is my first gray ma

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    Wow so much action and intense situations 4.5 Stars discounted due to excessive length I think what I love the most about spy thrillers is the continuous action There is never a dull moment Never a time where you say to yourself, Is it over yet This book k

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    Whoa and wow I love the character the Court Gentry character, again He always gets the job done for the USA, amidst many self doubts it will happen , the storys are action packed, yet he has a intellectual and his own moral code driving his actions This boo

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    See this review andat www.TheRealBookSpy.comThough Court The Gray Man Gentry is back with the CIA in an official capacity, the highly skilled assassin finds himself working for a group of Syrian expats in Mark Greaney s Gunmetal Gray, 2016 latest action pack

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    Agent in Place is an action packed thrill ride that includes terrorists, covert operations and all out war If you are looking for chick lit, you best keep walking This ain t it This is an adrenaline filled blast from beginning to end with almost no let up The

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    This is the seventh book in the Gray Man Series Court Gentry is now a freelance mercenary Gentry has been hired to kidnap the mistress of the Syrian president and then rescue her infant son But quickly everything falls apart.The book is well written and plotte

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    The latest installment in the Gray Man series is yet another epic tale of espionage and adventure Enough characters to give you plenty of variety, but not so many that you ll need a flowchart It s hard to pinpoint a favorite part as the action ebbs and flows an

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    The Gray Man goes to Syria for his seventh installment and this is a sordid tale regarding the king of Syria, his mistress and their love child Starting off with a kidnapping in Paris and ending with a kidnapping in Syria, Court Gentry takes on terrorist on two

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    5 5 StarsAnother action packed thriller from Mark Greaney I absolutely love The Gray Man In this novel, he is working on his own, not on contract from the CIA It involves revolves around the opposition forces to the war in Syria Court is brought in to rescue some

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