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The Maze at Windermere A Richly Layered Novel Of Love, Ambition, And Duplicity, Set Against The Storied Seascape Of Newport, Rhode IslandA Reckless Wager Between A Tennis Pro With A Fading Career And A Drunken Party Guest The Stakes Are An Antique Motorcycle And An Heiress S Diamond Necklace Launches A Narrative Odyssey That Braids Together Three Centuries Of Aspiration And Adversity A Witty And Urbane Bachelor Of The Gilded Age Embarks On A High Risk Scheme To Marry Into A Fortune A Young Writer Soon To Make His Mark Turns Himself To His Craft With Harrowing Social Consequences An Aristocratic British Officer During The American Revolution Carries On A Courtship That Leads To Murder And, In Newport S Earliest Days, A Tragically Orphaned Quaker Girl Imagines A Way Forward For Herself And The Slave Girl She Has InheritedIn The Maze At Windermere Gregory Blake Smith Weaves These Intersecting Worlds Into A Brilliant Tapestry, Charting A Voyage Across The Ages Into The Maze Of The Human Heart

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    3.75 ambitious and notable stars to The Maze at Windermere .75This is the quite the unique read There are five separate stories across four centuries, and they all center on Newport, Rhode Island The stories have common themes, and they con

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    The Maze at Windermere, Gregory Blake Smith s staggeringly brilliant new novel, luxuriates in the demarcations of time It is an extraordinary demonstration of narrative dexterity Moving up and down through the strata of history, Smith captures the ev

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    one of the best books I ve read so far this year I was totally in awe The best a historical fiction can offer Five stories in different flavors about love, lust, desire, etc set in Newport, Rhode Island, a seaside town where many historical mansions are preser

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    On the whole I was so impressed by The Maze at Windermere that I can t help but to forgive the moments where it failed to captivate me Gregory Blake Smith has created something that s an absolute masterclass of storytelling he weaves together seemingly unrelated plotlin

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    3.5 This book appealed to me initially because it had excellent cover game It also wrongfully as it turned out suggested a Cloud Atlastype structure with multiple and intersecting stories separated through time.This is not David Mitchell by any stretch but it is an interesting bo

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    The composition of this book is flawless and this is no small feat considering Gregory Blake Smith is interweaving 5 storylines set in 2011, 1896, 1863, 1778 and 1692 There are a multitude of connections between the narrative strands, some obvious, some subtle, and the degree of control th

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    I very nearly bailed on this after the first chapter what did I care about a sleazy tennis pro seducing rich women in Newport, R.I but am glad I persevered, as if this is not my favorite book of the year, it is destined to be in my top five Bold and daring in conception, brilliant and dazzling in ex

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    I usually dislike dual time period books because one is always a lotinteresting than the other However, in this book the author juggled 5 time periods in a very ambitious and writerly exercise that kept me engaged throughout The story is told in alternating chapters from the points of view of 4 male and 1 fem

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    Now, this was brilliant Five different story arcs over the course of five centuries in Newport, Rhode Island The stories blend historical fact and fiction, all the while referencing and echoing each other, intersecting, then veering away from each other, just like, wella maze 4.5 instead of the full five because there

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    An excellent historical novel with 5 storylines across 3 centuries The loose intertwining of the stories gives the book an added depth There s nothing not to like about this novel writing, plot s , characters are all perfectly developed and depicted It was a true pleasure to read.

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