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The Vanquished Download The Vanquished Robert Gerwarth Nature Explore.eu A Times Literary Supplement Best Book Of 2016An Epic, Groundbreaking Account Of The Ethnic And State Violence That Followed The End Of World War I Conflicts That Would Shape The Course Of The Twentieth CenturyFor The Western Allies, November 11, 1918, Has Always Been A Solemn Date The End Of Fighting That Had Destroyed A Generation, But Also A Vindication Of A Terrible Sacrifice With The Total Collapse Of The Principal Enemies The German Empire, Austria Hungary, And The Ottoman Empire But For Much Of The Rest Of Europe This Was A Day With No Meaning, As A Continuing, Nightmarish Series Of Conflicts Engulfed Country After Country.In The Vanquished, A Highly Original And Gripping Work Of History, Robert Gerwarth Asks Us To Think Again About The True Legacy Of The First World War In Large Part It Was Not The Fighting On The Western Front That Proved So Ruinous To Europe S Future, But The Devastating Aftermath, As Countries On Both Sides Of The Original Conflict Were Savaged By Revolutions, Pogroms, Mass Expulsions, And Further Major Military Clashes In The Years Immediately After The Armistice, Millions Would Die Across Central, Eastern, And Southeastern Europe Before The Soviet Union And A Series Of Rickety And Exhausted Small New States Would Come Into Being It Was Here, In The Ruins Of Europe, That Extreme Ideologies Such As Fascism Would Take Shape And Ultimately Emerge Triumphant.As Absorbing In Its Drama As It Is Unsettling In Its Analysis, The Vanquished Is Destined To Transform Our Understanding Of Not Just The First World War But The Twentieth Century As A Whole.

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    Having finished this exceptional book, I now realise that my rather lazy and Anglo centric view of the period following WW1, as a relatively peaceful era, was completely wide of the mark Robert Gerwarth brilliantly describes how for many countries and regions, the Armistice on 11 November 1918, was just the start of fiveyears of

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    Page 169 my book Joseph P RothNationalism is the new religion This book demonstrates convincingly, how November 11 1918 was not the end of war particularly in Germany, and Eastern and Central Europe And the nature of war changed it becameethnic based With the dissolution of the Austro Hungarian Empire at war s end into several nation stat

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    Covering much of the same ground as Watt s _The Kings Depart_, Gerwarth looks at WWI and its aftermath as a case of the war weakening the containment and direction states had used on simmering violent tendencies by sending their young men into uniform, playing groups off against one another, uniting them around a ruler or religion, winding them up

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    interesting take on the defeated nations of WW1 Russia, Germany, Austria and Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria but uneven as it isof a short summary than a detailed analysis and the book has probably 1 3 of the number of pages in references the actual text is about...

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    A fascinating book that explores how the strife experienced by the defeated and other combatant nations of world war one seeded theexpansively genocidal second war The opening chapter, which begins with the expulsion of Greeks from Smyrna in 1923 and the quite horrific murder of the Orthodox archbishop by a Turkish mob, sets out the line of the thesis clearly that the

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    The book is a historical masterpiece, covers the history just after the end of the First Great War detailing all the travails of the new republics and nations which came into existence after the demise of the great Landed empires, Romonovs, German Riche, Habsburg and the Ottomans of the 19th century The fall of these mighty empires resulted in a great chaos and rude political a

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    The First World War has ended officially in 1918 This book argues that its aftermath was evenhorrific and bloody for the states which were defeated or otherwise totally disrupted in the War It focuses on Russia, Germany, the remains of the Ottoman and Habsburg empires It is brilliantly narrated There is no moralising or too much judgement Instead, there are...

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    On November 11th, 1918, at precisely 11 11 am, all of the guns on the Western Front fell silent For the first time in four years of horrific war, every cannon, rifle, machine gun ceased, according to the provisions of a just signed armistice Apparently soldiers experienced the sudden silence as something like the onset of divine mercy Men wept openly, overcome by the quiet and shattering arrival o

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    Warning If you are already anxious about rising levels of nationalism and demagoguery, you ll find this book alarming The Vanquished is a masterful survey of the geo political upheaval that followed the WW1 armistice The book provides a solid foundation for understanding how the unanticipated collapse of the 4 great land empires set the stage for civil wars, territory grabs and social collapse across the la

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    This is a very useful book Every so often, I have heard people say that World War II was just a continuation of World War I This volume can be used to buttress that point.Gerwarth s book explores the outcomes of WWI He notes the dramatic changes in the case of Europe Empires disappeared Austria Hungary was nodivided into a number of countries, some of which made little sense Russia disappeared amidst the slaughter of

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