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My Husband the Stranger A Tragic Accident A Terrible Injury And In A Moment, The Man You Fell In Love With Is Transformed Into A Total Stranger How Would You Cope What Would You Do Would You Be Strong Enough To Stay But What If You Found Out That It Wasn T An Accident At All I enjoyed how this book showed you Alex s POV before the accident and how he and Molly met Alex was changed after his accident he looked the same but he suffered a brain injury so he wasn t the same We get to see how Molly copes with knowing that the man she fell in love with is gone and in his place is someone different and she still loves him There were ups and downs lots of different options but love won through in the end It ended as happily as it could as there is not a miraculous cure and it would have been totally unrealistic for Alex to wake up and be his old self ag My reviews can also be seen at I read the description for this book it hit close to home My ex husband was in a severe car accident while we were first dating in 1995 and suffered a head injury This changed everything for him and although he was nothing like Alex there were some similarities Especially right after the accident His head was still swollen to about twice the size and he wasn t acting like himself He would get angry very quickly and had trouble with his memory I remember thinking I was 19 what if he stays like this It was scary We were told that once the swelling went down he should get back to normal For the most part it did That s not to say there wasn t lasting effects Anyhow, this is a book review and not my life story so I ll leave it at that.I was very intrigued and excited to get reading.In one moment EVERYTHING can change.What you would do if your husband became another person overnight Molly and Alex seem like the perfect couple Very in love, busy planning their future together But after a terrible fall her husband sustains a severe head injury This injury changes him into someone Mol Another audio read where I have to say, I do usually become quite distracted Although, I do love to listen when I am on my work commute This was a little bit sinister, a little twisty A slow burn, but nothing overly exciting Molly and Alex are madly in love, but Alex s twin seems to hover around, whether in physical proximity, or not Alex suffers a brain injury after an accident, and we see the tragic difference of the before and after This difference is quite severe, and Molly is a saint in her loving care She is working very hard to pay the bills and care for her husband, which is increasingly difficult her boss is terribly u My Husband the Stranger written by Rebecca Done is an emotional and at times a heartbreaking read Although not my normal genre this family drama encased in a love story grips you from the first page and doesn t let go There is a twist to the tale at the end but don t be fooled into thinking this is a psychological thriller as it isn t It s a slow burning love story that is hit by tragedy and how the affected characters deal with the sudden changes.I m not sure I d have had the patience Molly showed and I truly admired her dedication to looking after her husband even when times got so bad Told through Alex s past and Molly s present day voices I very much enjoyed hearing their true emotions and I particularly liked hearing Alex s story from before the accident.I imagine the basis to this novel could easily read as someone s real life story and sadly probably does, considering the many brain and memory conditions diagnosed today The author has covered the subject delicately

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