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Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, #6) Miss 3 loves Captain Underpants and now we ve worked our way through almost all of Dav Pilkey s Ricky Ricotta books as well They haven t captured her at the same level of sparkly LOVE as C U but she enjoys them enough to re read them the following week Although our library has these at the same reading level as C.U they are much shorter and quicker to read They re also positive in general and a good entry for younger kids As a parent, I love how the series works its way through the solar system and has little facts about each planet Also, how the local jail slowly fills up with each arch villain 2 Mercury okay 3 Venus In Ricky Ricotta s Mighty Robot Vs The Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn, Ricky has to go to his cousin Lucy s house This mouse does not like going to Lucy s house because she always wants to play princess and Ricky does not Luckily, something exciting happens instead Sergeant Stinkbug flies to earth to inhabit it, but he believes that he must over rule who ever is currently in power When the Sergeant looks at earth he sees Lucy wearing a crown and thinks she is the ruler of earth Lucy, Ricky, The Mighty Robot, and Lucy s three Jurassic Jackrabbits must fight off the evil Sergeant Stinkbug and his stink bug army in order to save earth Even though this books is considered a graphic novel, it does not follow the typical format of one Most graphic novels have boxes an gutters while this story is filled with double pag From The Creator Of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, Comes An Out Of This World Friendship Adventure Now In Full Colour Ricky Ricotta And His Mighty Robot Battle For The Safety Of The Solar System Once Again This Time, Sergeant Stinkbug Arrives Plans To Kidnap The King Of The World, But He Ends Up With Ricky S Little Cousin Lucy Instead So I haven t been really captured by any book recently I guess some men experience ED during times of stress we just moved and changed jobs I, on the other hand, get stuck with a case of RD, Reading Disruption Too bad Pfizer doesn t have some version of Literary Viagra that would have me fully engrossed in a book regardless of its merit My problem certainly doesn t stem from lack of trying I got my new library card on the second day in our new city We have only been here two weeks and I already have late fees I got magazines, books fiction and non , music CD s, and audiobooks All this and nothing but a sense of blah.The only periods of reading excitement around here is during my 4 year old son s bed time He discovered Ricky Ricotta s Mighty Robot vs The Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn by Dav Pikley It is number six in a series that has various antagonists Jurassic Jackrabbits, Uranium Unicorns, Mecha Monkeys I can hardly believe I m pondering the number of stars to give a Ricky Ricotta bookand that now I m going to tell you why This one bugged me I don t like the word stupid it s a bad word in our home so I had to skip over that as I readI don t like any name calling even if it is the bad guys Also, the characters chew gumballs to get big and taffy to get small as opposed to previous Pilkey books where some machine zaps you into a gian it was a fantastic bookThe short review above is my son s He read it today, so I thought it might be interesting and fun to get him to log his books on GR to help motivate his reading Sort of like social media training wheels He was pretty excited about the idea I had him do everything himself, from finding the books, adding the shelves, rating, and his review He said he couldn t think of anything else to say, We love Ricky Ricotta and his Mighty Robot Christopher read this whole book in a couple of nights There was a lot of alliteration in this book, and it was a fun opportunity to teach him that word These books are pretty formulaic, but they re some much fun Earth is in dange Stupid Stinkbugs from SaturnIn the beginning the book told me the people who was in the book and the characters were Ricky and his Mighty Robot, Rickys aunt and uncle and Lucey Looks like you will have to read the book to find out who Lucy is.In the middle the book said that the stink bugs live in Saturn In Saturn it is TRASHED because of the stinkbugs But now the want to trash the world but they have to get Lucy first.But that is not all the last part said the put the stink bugs in jail and Ricky s Mighty Robot flue everyone back to Lucy s house The main thing I liked about this book is they do not leave you on a cliff and you do not know what is going to happen next because I LOVE book that do not leave me at a cliff because if they did it feels like you re about to fall off of the ciff I mean like you will forget what you read Because I HATE books that leave you at a cliff and you have to wait until they come out with the next book.The thing I DO NOT LIKE AT ALL is this book could of told the thing that we re happen in the story better because I like books that tell a lot of details in the story because I like to know what is fully knowing what is going on in the story But the all the books are go so I kep reading them If you like these kind of books Humour, Children s literature you will love this book it includes a p My son loves the Ricky Ricotta series. Ricky Ricotta and his robot have to spend the day with his cousin, Lucy Gag She always wants to play princess However, things take a different turn when the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn come and try to take over the planet Things get pretty crazy

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