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The Last Dance Would You Risk Everything For Love Stella Myles Is Suddenly Impoverished Through A Family Crisis And Becomes Forced To Make Ends Meet By Selling Herself As A Dance Partner In A Piccadilly Ballroom Here She Meets The Enigmatic Montgomery, Who Orchestrates A Job For Her As Governess For The Wealthy Ainsworth Family In Sussex But Nothing Is As Straightforward As It First SeemsIn Entering The Mansion Of Harp S End, Stella Encounters A Family With Secrets Than Most She Struggles To Fit In Above Or Below Stairs Although Nothing Proves So Challenging As Restraining The Illicit Love That Ignites Between Herself And The Mysterious Douglas AinsworthWhen Douglas Announces That They Are All To Voyage Aboard A Cruise Ship Bound For Morocco, Tensions Reach New Heights And Finally Bubble Over Stella Finds Herself Caught Up In A Family At War And In A World On The Edge Of Another She Is Now The Keeper Of An Incendiary Document Smuggled Out Of Berlin, One Which Must Reach London At All CostsFrom The Rolling Green Hills Of The Kentish Weald To The Colourful Alleys And Bazaars Of Morocco, This Is A Thrilling Story Of Intrigue And Danger And A Passion To Risk Dying For

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    When Stella Myles parents died, she was devastated Suddenly she found herself caring for her younger brother and sister, Rory and Carys They were shell shocked but looked to Stella to answer all their questions and provide the stability they needed Stella knew the small amount of money

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    3.5 Good, but not my favourite by this author.Soon after the death of both her parents, Stella meets the enigmatic Monty at a dance hall At first reluctant, Stella finds herself telling this charming stranger her sad tale, and before she knows it, he is setting her on the path to make some quick

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    The Last Dance, a new novel by Fiona McIntosh is absolutely brilliant Filled with compassion, some empathy, imagination, suspense and always an element of surprise which I always think is a very important aspect in a very good book Set in the 1930 s with dancing and romancing, beautiful clothes of the 1930

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    Spoiler alertSorry but this book is a terrible disappointment, with a very poorly thought out plot, and simply too many holes in it, which I could at first ignore, until it became untenable The story began with so much promise, although I did think their romance was rather rushed into and gripped me until about half

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I didn t realize this was a romance I thought it wasof a woman spy novel While it certainly was an easy entertaining read, it wasn t believable to me Stella the main character was against love and then one conversation later with a stranger and sh

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    Truly terrible A book set in England in the 1930s about orphaned Stella, who goes to work as a governess in a rich country household Populated by stereotypical, monochromic characters such as the adorable, little girl, the bratty teenage daughter and the superficial, class conscious wife, and full of unrealistic, awful dialogue The sto

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    I must just say that the main character Stella was one of the most irritating people I have come across in a long time The way she spoke to the people who employed her was so rude.Really disappointed as I usually love Fiona Mcintosh s books

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    I should know better than to pick up a book classified as romance by the library What fooled me was a the size of this novel and b the blurb, which seemed to promise a Mary Stewart like story However, this is a typical genre Romance, full of unnecessary repetition, padding and emotional wallowing I m sure Fiona McIntosh can write a good book when she take

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    Oh Fiona Mcintosh you ve done it again A female character I just adore, a male lead who is intriguing and interesting, a story that pulls be along, and characters I love and hate along the way I think I picked up where this book was going to end up at a certain point but bloody hell woman, will you stop making me cry You make me swoon, laugh, and bawl with some of

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    Good God Give me a break I can t believe anyone can read this rubbish The one star is for the clever writing and ms McIntosh s command of English.

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