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Realign Yourself With The Creative Currents That Flow Deep Within, And You Ll See Your Work And Home Life Transformed And Inspired By This Completely New Understanding Of Creativity.At Its Root, Creativity Is The Practice Of Engagement It S The Marriage Of Feminine And Masculine Energy By Restoring That Creative Energy And Thus Seeking Our Dreams We Can Realign Ourselves With An Ancient, Limitless Presence, And Reawaken The Wild Creative Within.In Wild Creative, Tami Lynn Kent Shows You How To Tap Into Your Creative Center And Access The Natural, Sustaining Energy That Is Inherently Yours In Doing So, You Ll Embark On A Journey To Achieve Your Dreams And Restore Your Inner Creative Map In Addition, You Ll Discover That When Creativity And Inspiration Take Center Stage In Your Life, Miracles Both Large And Small Unfold.Not Only Does Kent Offer A Wellspring Of Valuable Insights, She Also Details Her Own Experience Building A Framework Of Creativity That Has Served The Well Being Of Herself, Her Family, And Her Business Wild Creative Shows How, By Following The Creative Source Within Each Of Us, We Can Nourish A Vibrant And Successful Life. Wild Creative

About the Author: Tami Lynn Kent

Tami Kent, MSPT, is a holistic women s healthcare provider who guides women in interpreting the wisdom of their bodies and reclaiming the wild within themselves With a master s degree in physical therapy and the ability to read energetic patterns of the body, Tami acts as a bridge between the realms of modern medicine and traditional women s wisdom.The founder of Holistic Pelvic Care, Tami has ad

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    Wild Creative is driven by the idea that we are all inherently creative Tami Lynn Kent couples creativity with spirituality and mythology and the product is a holistic understanding of the creative energy that flows in us all Kent lays out a practical and informative guide attuning with your creative rhythms and unblocking creative flow What s better is that Wild Creative is not just a guide or a hodgepodge of inspirational id...

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    A beautifully written book about living a richly creative lifestyle breaking free from the conventional, linear modes of productivity This book came at the right time for me and I am so happy that I found it This book also articulates and captures what I ve always believed and thought about creativity creativity is not just an manifestation of artistic talent or innovation it is intrinsically linked to the expressions of our spi...

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    By tapping into the creative center you will sustain energy, this is a dream of a book because you read how the author has found the a ability to read energetic patterns of the body., How she has awakened the creative soul Its about being able to tune into your inner abundance and soul.

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    It s not just that I loved this book which I did It s that this book is one of those rare gems that provides powerful and life changing insight into the human spirit This book is essential for anyone who wants to live a spirit filled, meaningful, purpos...

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    It was interesting, and inspiring, but a bit reppetitive the sae idea seemed to be repeated over and over, and lost its magic after a while As a much smller book it would have been perfect.Still, interesting theory for creative ladies

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    I couldn t get all the way through it because I get too annoyed by gender essentialism, and frankly the whole masculine feminine energy thing doesn t sit very well with me But I did find some of the exercises useful, so I appreciated that.

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    I found this book to be extremely repetitive, and the writing style was agitating to read sentence structure, word choice, and general phrasing were very odd I did not gain anything for reading this rather dull book.

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    Engaging and easy to read.

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    A book to savor for a lifetime Incredible.

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