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Miss Emily Emily Dickinson S Life Is Reimagined In Her Own Voice And Through Eyes Of A Young Irish Maid An Enchanting Novel In The Spirit Of Longbourn And Mrs PoeAda Concannon S First Day In America Is A Success She S The New Maid For The Respected But Eccentric Dickinson Family Of Amherst, Massachusetts Despite The Differences In Age And Class, Eighteen Year Old Ada, A Neat Little Irish Person, Fresh Off The Boat, Strikes Up A Deep Freindship With Miss Emily, The Gifted Elder Daughter Living A Spinster S Life At Home Emily Is A Bastion Of Support As Ada Struggles To Find Her Place In This New World, While Ada S Toil Gives Emily The Freedom She Needs To WriteBut Emily S Passion For Words Begins To Dominate Her Life She Decides To Wear Nothing But White And Increasingly Avoids The Outside World When Ada S Safety And Reputation Are Threatened, However, Emily Faces Down Her Own Demons In Order To Help Her Friend, With Shocking Consequences

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    Emily Dickinson loves wordsthan people She notices the beauty in the minutia of nature and sees random darkness of the world around her Quite content to remain within the confines of her house and gardens in Amhurst, she adores her friend Susan, is indifferent to her family and whiles away her hours writing verse, in her bedroom However, when a new mai

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    First, a caveat this will be a very difficult book to read for anyone who is sensitive to depictions of sexual assault An incident of sexual violence is described in detail and becomes a key plot point for the second half of the novel.That said, this novel is a winning depiction of a fictionalized Emily Dickinson, told in part in Dickinson s own voice and in par

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    I m a sucker for novels based on the lives of historical writers Emily Dickinson s Amherst is an inviting setting, and the alternating first person voices of Emily and the family s Irish maid, Ada Concannon, are both well realized However, the plot soon gets mired in the melodrama of a wrong done to Ada in the Dickinson household, which results in a crisis that you guesse

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    This lovely, slender novels imagines a friendship between poet Emily Dickinson and their Irish maid Ada Concannon.I was immediately taken with this book, as both Ada and Emily are charming and captivating The chapters alternate between their viewpoints, as the story of their friendship and the dramas around them unfold O Connor s Emily grabbed me immediately, an intellectually curi

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    Ada Concannon, the eldest of 7 children, possesses an energetic zest for life that was unappreciated by her previous employer upon being demoted to scullery maid she decides to seek her fortune elsewhere, taking a passage on the boat to New England where her Aunt Mary, Uncle Michael and a couple of not too friendly cousins reside.She lands on her feet with a job at the Dickinson household, a

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    Nuala O Connor Nuala Ni Chonchuir writes, much as Emily Dickinson did, with an economy of words that paint a vivid and lasting picture This book is a fictional but clearly well researched glimpse into one year of Emily Dickinson s life The novel alternates between Emily s voice including her poetry and thoughts on writing, Amherst and being a recluse, and the experiences of a new Irish immigrant who w

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    Nuala brilliantly captures the 19th century atmosphere in the home of Emily Dickenson, the poet, and her relationships with her sister in law and her new Irish maid.Her writing is particularly tender in the observation of the small details.The rape scene is horrific but is signalled well ahead of the incident.5 5

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    I have a soft spot for fiction based on the lives, real or imagined, of historical people With Miss Emily, we experience the close friendship between Emily Dickinson and her entirely fictional maid Ada Concannon I wanted to love thisthan I did Don t get me wrong, it s beautifully written but the direction the story took left me feeling underwhelmed.

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    A book to be enjoyed slowly and savored like the sweets the poet liked so much Thanks to Net Galley for providing me a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for a review.I spent a year at Mount Holyoke College and visited Amherst often And one of the first places I went to was for a visit to the house and museum of Emily Dickinson and I was living at Dickinson House at Mount Holyoke, where the Centre for Women s Studies res

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    Written by Irish author Nuala O Connor, Miss Emily introduces an Irish character Spunky and rebellious, Ada leaves her home in Ireland for the distant shores of Massachusetts and lands a job in the Dickinson household, where she and the reclusive daughter of the family bond over baking and become unlikely friends Alternating chapters tell the story from each woman s viewpoint, which heightens the contrast between the two characters Emily Di

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