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The Broken Hours Read The Broken Hours By Jacqueline Baker In The Spring Of 1936, Horror Writer H.P Lovecraft Is Broke, Living Alone In A Creaky Old House And Deathly Ill At The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown, He Hires A Personal Assistant, Arthor Crandle As The Novel Opens, Crandle Arrives At Lovecraft S Home With No Knowledge Of The Writer Or His Work But Is Soon Drawn Into His Distinctly Unnerving World The Malevolent Presence That Hovers On The Landing The Ever Shining Light From Lovecraft S Study, Invisible From The Street And Visions In The Night Of A White Clad Girl In The Walled Garden Add To This The Arrival Of A Beautiful Woman Who May Not Be Exactly What She Seems, And Crandle Is Pulled Deeper Into The Strange World Of The Horror Writer A Man Known To Crandle Only Through Letters, Signed Ech Pi , Until Crandle Begins To Unravel The Dark Secret At Its Heart.A Brilliantly Written, Compelling And Deeply Creepy Novel, The Broken Hours Is An Irresistible Literary Ghost Story.

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    I had mixed feelings about The Broken Hours The book was not at all what I expected, in good and bad ways The writing itself was spectacular, scalpel precise but never too simple or sparse Every word felt like it was exactly where it was su

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    Review BROKEN HOURS by Jacqueline BakerI have been extraordinarily blessed in the last few years by discovering several perfect books BROKEN HOURS A NOVEL OF H P LOVECRAFT is one I don t even feel capable of doing this novel justice in my review BROK

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    Fiction which uses real historical characters can be tricky and sometimes disappointing if the reader knowsabout the historical figure than the author Happily, this is not the case with this novel Baker uses weird fiction writer H.P Lovecraft as a character bu

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    Delightfully eerie.

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    I dislike giving the impression I m a literary snob, so let me set the record straight, immediately I love horror, and I love good writing, and I m as likely to read Stephen King as a I am to read Shirley Jackson Nevertheless, there are some who question if modern horror can ever

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    H.P Lovecraft is experiencing a revival The strange author of even stranger stories had a life, it seems, that was crying out to be turned into fiction Within the last year, I ve seen Lovecraft turned into a character in stories based in his fiction His settings have been revived for evenn

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    I guess it was only a matter of time before Lovecraft himself started winding his proverbial tentacles into the New Weird as a character, but here we are with The Broken Hours, a quiet, creepy affair.The story is mainly about a man who takes an assistant position in an old house in Providence He nev

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    This is a delicious slow burn of a reading experience And experience really captures it for me the haunting prose kept me in the moment, fully engaged with disbelief suspended I purposefully did not try to anticipate where the mystery was going or what the end point would be, and I think that s the best way t

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    I got this book expecting a frightening story about H.P Lovecraft It was a good story that easily captured my attention but H.P Lovecraft made few appearences in the story besides letters written to the main character Arthor The beginning I thought set the stage for the rest of the book with its atmospheric description

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    I really enjoyed this little novel The ever shifting narrative reminded me of House on Haunted Hill by Shirley Jackson As the story progresses, little clues from the outside world begin to seep in, leading you to question what you ve assumed to be true.I m very glad this wasn t just fan fiction for a particular author The prose

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