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Doctor Who: The Sensorites The TARDIS Materialises On Board A Dark And Silent Spaceship As The Doctor, Susan, Ian And Barbara Penetrate The Craft S Eerie Gloom They Come Across What Appear To Be The Bodies Of Two Dead Astronauts But The Astronauts Are Far From Dead, And Are Living In Mortal Fear Of The Sensorites, A Race Of Telepathic Creatures From The Sense Sphere When The Lock Of The TARDIS Is Stolen The Doctor Is Forced Into An Uneasy Alliance With The Aliens And When He Arrives On The Sensorites Planet He Discovers That It Is Not Only The Humans Who Have Cause To Be Afraid

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    I ve always had a soft spot for this much maligned story, The Sensorites are such wonderfully weird looking aliens But just like the TV adventure, this closely novelised tale falters once the story moves to their planet during the second half of this adventure.The TARDIS arrives on a dark silent ship, the initial mystery of what has occurred is seriously creepy The teams first

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    The Sensorites is a rather old Doctor Who novel and unlike all the other Doctor novels I ve read so far this year, it s actually just a novelization of an actual episode The good news is, at 143 pages, it s a very light read The bad news is, at 143 pages, it s a very light read.Too light a read, in fact More than once, I found the author offhandedly summarizing something such as B

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    Now THIS is a class story Both in the sense of Sci Fi but also in the sense of Doctor Who The first Doctor here is a mervelous hero to which I have been informed is very unlike him up to this point kinda a turning point for him Athough many parts were predictable, that s what made it so classic and great for me.

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    If I m perfectly honest, the tv episodes of The Sensorites did very little for me There were some nice moments, but it was very slow Robinson s novelisation actually improved on the story in this regard The pace picked up, and everything zipped along so that I ended up, for once, thinkingof the book than the actual programme Unfortunately, the book failed to address the same giant plot pro

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    Nicely paced and true to the episode I am slowly working my way through the Doctor Who novels and the Sensorites was next in line As an episode it is an odd mis mash with the first half almost tipping into horror, with echoes of the first Alien movie, but then reeling back into almost ST TNG territory However, the novelization both fleshes the story out and softens the joins with some nice cha

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    There s a lot to like here the opening is very mysterious and the Sensorites start off pretty interesting and novel I liked the plotline about the poisoned water supply, and Susan finally gets some good scenes where she starts growing up and thinkin about leading her life elsewhere, fairly convincingly Unfortunately the evil Sensorite plot couldn t beboring and that s made the main focus Oh, and w

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    A solid story with some interesting intrigue, although it winds up being a littlecomplicated than it needed to be The quality of the novelization itself is good at times, such as the moments with the Doctor and Susan, but merely workmanlike at others, such as stretches where dialogue is described rather than simply quoted B

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    An o.k adaptation of a fairly average Hartnell story The first half, set on the spaceship is very well done, and muchatmospheric than the later bits Once the action transfers down to the planet, it loses something Not a bad book by any means.

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    Werepenguin Productions Content Description Keywords 1st Doctor, Barbara, Ian, Susan, Space Travel FutureContent Warnings NoneViolence and Gore Minor realistic blood from cuts, nosebleeds, split lips, bruises Profanity PG languageSex and Nudity NoneContent descriptions are provided without value judgments We want to maximize the fun and success rates of finding a new fandom Since audiences vary in age, cultur

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    This was a real hide behind the couch kind of story The first half of the book features a lot of scary moments with creepy aliens on a dark and foreboding spacecraft The Doctor and his companions lose their access to the TARDIS of course while exploring this almost totally abandoned ship After discovering members of the crew either comatose or insane, the TARDIS crew finally encounter the creepy alien Sensorites.

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About the Author: Nigel Robinson

Nigel Robinson is an English author, known for such works as the First Contact series Nigel was born in Preston, Lancashire and attended St Thomas More school Robinson s first published book was The Tolkien Quiz Book in 1981, co written with Linda Wilson This was followed by a series of three Doctor Who quiz books and a crossword book between 1981 and 1985 In the late 1980s he was the editor of Target Books range of Doctor Who tie ins and novelisations, also contributing to the range as a writer.He later wrote an original Doctor Who novel, Timewyrm Apocalypse, for the New Adventures series for Virgin Publishing, which had purchased Target in 1989 shortly after Robinson had left the company He also wrote the New Adventure Birthright, published in 1993.In the 1990s, Robinson wrote novelisations of episodes of The Tomorrow People, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Baywatch and the film Free Willy Between 1994 and 1995, he wrote a series of children s horror novels Remember Me, All Shook Up, Dream Lover, Rave On, Bad Moon Rising, Symphony of Terror and Demon Brood.In 1996 he continued to write the Luke Cannon Show Jumping Mysteries series,containing four books, namely The Piebald Princess, The Chestnut Chase, The Black Mare of Devils Hill and the last in the series, Decision Day for the Dapple Grey By 1997 he had also penned a trilogy science fiction novels First Contact, Second Nature and Third Degree.His most recent work was another quiz book, this time to tie in with the film The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.