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Oba, the Last Samurai In July 1944, After 28 Days Of Bloody Battle, The Island Of Saipan Was Declared Secured All Japanese Troops Were Assumed Dead And All Resistance Ended As In Most Pacific Battles, A Number Of Enemy Troops Escaped To Hide In The Hills And Jungle Captain Sakae Oba, One Of The Japanese Soldiers On Saipan, A Former High School Geography Teacher, Organized A Party Of Some 300 Soldiers And Civilians He Fed, Clothed, And Sheltered Them In Jungle Villages And Caves Oba Carried On A Guerrilla Campaign Against The American Garrison And Refused To Surrender Until He Personally Received Instructions From The Imperial General Staff.

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    I am saddened to hear that this book is out of print I came across it entirely by accident in a university library, but it was a thumping good read, and I am glad I was so fortunate.This is the tale of a Japanese Army officer stationed on the isle of Saipan in WWII He hid from and fought the American occupation until the end of the war, a feat unrivaled

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    I m usually not a fan of military history, preferring the history that goes on between the wars to the war itself, but I picked up this book in preparation for a trip to Saipan and found myself really enjoying it The book is about Oba, a Japanese military captain stationed on Saipan during WWII who refused to either surrender or commit suicide as many of the

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    If one enjoys reading the stories of soldiers, one can find that heros may be found in any army, even that of a country or regime with which one does not agree Yet the individual soldier of a loosing, or even criminal govenrment, may be personally heroic That is the case of the story of Captain Oba Sakae The book is a fascinating view of the beliefs of a small gr

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    Read this in Saipan couldn t put it down A very powerful book.

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