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The Final Season This is a collection of stories about mainly professional footballers who fought and mostly died in the First World War We tend to think of vanity and lax morals as elements of modern society but tucked away in this book of heroic actions are little insights into the life of a superstar footballer 100 years ago, such as the player who was noted for his passing ability but could never pass a mirror and the larger than life character who would travel to all away matches a day early to enjoy the delights of another of his female fans.However, the real reason I am writing this review is to honour the sheer bravery exhibited by so many of these men, not just the footballers , in this atrocious war As an example I would like to mention William Angus who insisted on crawling out to within yards of the enemy trenches to bring back a wounded comrade Having lifted his comrade up he was spotted and throughout the journey back he was targeted with bullets and hand grenades Falling down a number of times from being hit, he kept getting up and continued dragging his comrade back to safety To give his collea The Final Season tells the story of professional football players joining the BEF after the outbreak of war and how some of these brave men conducted themselves in the Great War, while also being somewhat of a narrative as to how the war panned out The style of writing is very pleasant which makes it perfect for a quick read about two of my main interests We think of todays highly paid footballing superstars as fairly recent history, but in fact in the early years of the twentieth century, top professional players were earning around 4 pounds per week, equivalent to 400 pounds A century ago these players were venerated and followed by fans much like today It is incredible to think that with the formation of footballing pals battalions some clubs lost large proportions of their players.Nigel McCrery s The Final Season 2014 documents the many tragedies when the great game collided with the Great War Between 1914 18 over two hundred professional players were killed in action answering the call for King and country Many others had their playing days ended through wounds sustained in the war In this poignant book, some of those footballers who fought and died in WWI have their footballing careers fully detailed, followed by their service records in the various theatres of conflict.Certainly a most unique publication H Museums always have interesting books They have books that you can t seem to find anywhere else and ones that you wouldn t normally look for A few weeks ago, I was traveling through France with some close friends along what was, one hundred years ago, the Western Front We stopped at the Theipval Memorial, a giant structure which memorializes the British dead of the Somme Offensive of 1916 who have no known grave After gaping at the memorial, upon which are inscribed some 72,000 names, we made our way to the gift shop One of my friends bought this book for me and I felt a duty to immediately read it My friend is English, so soccer err..football, is in his blood I have become quite the fan myself, although I admittedly don t know much of the sport s history This book, the Final Season, was a short but surprisingly clever read on the footballers who fought and in many instances, died in World War I As I read this book, I tried to imagine what it would be like if Wayne Rooney or Harry Kane died in war It is hard to imagine, because our generation is far removed from a period of time where such members of society would have to forcibly take up arms Even crazier for me to imagine, since I m an American, I tried to picture Tom Brady or Peyton Manning dying i Good book as it written towards the end, perhaps it is the very nature of football a competition in which two opposing sides strive against each other for victory that give their stories such fascination and pathos In the end, for all that is vast, ugly and cruel, what is war but another such competition We instinct A Moving Narrative History Of The Professional Soccer Players Who Fought And Died In World War I, With A Foreword By Gary Lineker In 1914, As Today, Successful Soccer Players Were Heroes And Role Models They Were The Sporting Superstars Of Their Time Symbols Of Youth, Health, And Vigor Naturally Enough, When War Broke Out They Felt It Was Their Duty To Join Up And Fight Between 1914 And 1918, 213 Professional Players Fell In Action Some Teams Lost Half Their Players, Either Killed Or Else So Badly Injured In Mind And Body That They Were Never To Play Again The Final Season Is The Powerfully Moving Account Of These Young Men Who Swapped The Turf Of The Pitch And The Cheers Of The Fans For The Freezing Mud Of The Battlefield And The Terrible Scream Of Shell Fire It Follows Them As They Leave Their Fans And Families Behind, Undergo Training, And Then Travel On To The Bloody Arenas Of War Ypres, Gallipoli, The Somme, Passchendaele Nigel McCrery Paints These Men In Vivid Detail From Their Achievements On The Soccer Pitch To Their Heroic Conduct On The Battlefield, We Will Learn Of The Selfless Courage And Determination They Displayed In The Face Of Adversity For Far Too Many, We Will Also Learn When, And How, They Made The Ultimate Sacrifice.

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