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The Infinite Air EPUB The Infinite Air Author Fiona Kidman Kidman Couldn T Produce A Poor Paragraph If She Tried To And This Is A Narrative That I Have To Say It Takes Wing New Zealand HeraldThe Rise And Fall Of The Garbo Of The Skies , As Told By One Of New Zealand S Finest NovelistsJean Batten Became An International Icon In 1930s A Brave, Beautiful Woman, She Made A Number Of Heroic Solo Flights Across The World The Newspapers Couldn T Get Enough Of Her.In 1934, She Broke Amy Johnson S Flight Time Between England And Australia By Six Days The Following Year, She Was The First Woman To Make The Return Flight In 1936, She Made The First Ever Direct Flight Between England And New Zealand And Then The Fastest Ever Trans Tasman Flight Jean Batten Stood For Adventure, Daring, Exploration And Glamour.The Second World War Ended Jean S Flying Adventures She Suddenly Slipped Out Of View, Disappearing To The Caribbean With Her Mother And Eventually Dying In Majorca, Buried In A Pauper S Grave Fiona Kidman S Enthralling Novel Delves Into The Life Of This Enigmatic Woman It Is A Fascinating Exploration Of Early Aviation, Of Fame, And Of Secrecy.Fiona Kidman Is A Dame And An OBE For Her Services To New Zealand Literature.

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    This is a very interesting biography of Jean Batten, the NZ pioneer aviator famous in the 1930s for breaking the women s record for a flight from England to Australia She was a very talented musician could have pursued a career as

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    The Infinite Air is a novel that brings together much that is known about the international aviation legend Jean Batten and through research, letters, radio excerpts brings her character and personality to life, in aunderstanding and compas

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    When Jean Batten is a young girl she only has one wish, she wants to fly That thought never leaves her, when she s older she still wants to be able to control a plane and be in the air Together with her mother she chases her dream She meets many diff

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    This novel about Jean Batten is an exploration of the pioneering New Zealand aviator and her life Fiona Kidman s writing flows seemingly effortlessly, making it easy to read, and is a fine example of a skilled writer who uses her craft to best advantage The la

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    I really enjoyed this fictional version of the life of New Zealander, Jean Batten who was a pioneering aviator.I think the book was originally published in 2013, but through Netgalley and Aardvark Bureau, I was given the chance to read a forthcoming UK edition in exchan

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    This was my first chance to try out NetGalley, and what a book to begin with The Infinite Air is the story of aviatrix Jean Batten, who broke records as a woman pilot in the 1930 s Her life of struggle, both financially and in the male dominated world of aviation, is beautifully

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    I won this book as part of a First Reads Giveaway on Goodreads.I knew absolutely nothing about Jean Batten prior to reading this novel but afterwards I feel like I know her better than half of my close friends The writing style is very accessible especially in respect of some of theboring

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    To my shame I knew little about Jean Batten, New Zealand s most celebrated aviatrix from the early days of flying This excellent novel from acclaimed NZ author Fiona Kidman is a wonderfully compelling fictionalized biography, meticulously researched, accurate as far as I can tell, anyway and fleshed

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    A fabulous story that needs to be told just perhaps not like this This version lacked passion and energy and seemed to concentrate on facts I admire Jean for achieving her dream, and her mum for helping her get there, but I felt a lot of sympathy for the men who she used on the way Perhaps if I was beautiful

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    An story of one of the early women aviators Although based on fact I felt the author failed to inject the passion and excitement associated with the amazing feats that the heroine achieved It was an interesting story but a bit slow I do think she described Jean s later years well however There was a sense of despair th

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