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Tudor: Passion. Manipulation. Murder. the Story of England's Most Notorious Royal Family For Best Books About The Tudors Facts Behind The Wolf Hall Trilogy The Times Of London Recommends Tudor The Family Story Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller BBC History Book Of The Year A Daily Telegraph Book Of The Year A History Today Book Of The YearThe Tudors Are England S Most Notorious Royal Family But, As Leanda De Lisle S Gripping New History Reveals, They Are A Family Still Extraordinary Than The One We Thought We KnewThe Tudor Canon Typically Starts With The Battle Of Bosworth In , Before Speeding On To Henry VIII And The Reformation But This Leaves Out The Family S Obscure Welsh Origins, The Ordinary Man Known As Owen Tudor Who Would Fall Literally Into A Queen S Lap And Later Her Bed It Passes By The Courage Of Margaret Beaufort, The Pregnant Thirteen Year Old Girl Who Would Help Found The Tudor Dynasty, And The Childhood And Painful Exile Of Her Son, The Future Henry VII It Ignores The Fact That The Tudors Were Shaped By Their Past Those Parts They Wished To Remember And Those They Wished To ForgetBy Creating A Full Family Portrait Set Against The Background Of This Past, De Lisle Enables Us To See The Tudor Dynasty In Its Own Terms, And Presents New Perspectives And Revelations On Key Figures And Events De Lisle Discovers A Family Dominated By Remarkable Women Doing Everything Possible To Secure Its Future Shows Why The Princes In The Tower Had To Vanish And Reexamines The Bloodiness Of Mary S Reign, Elizabeth S Fraught Relationships With Her Cousins, And The True Significance Of Previously Overlooked Figures Throughout The Tudor Story, Leanda De Lisle Emphasizes The Supreme Importance Of Achieving Peace And Stability In A Violent And Uncertain World, And Of Protecting And Securing The Bloodline Tudor Is Bristling With Religious And Political Intrigue But At Heart Is A Thrilling Story Of One Family S Determined And Flamboyant Ambition

About the Author: Leanda de Lisle

Leanda de Lisle is the author of bestselling Tudor and Stuart history praised for meticulous research as well as strong narratives She has a Masters degree in history from Oxford University TUDOR, her biography of the Tudor family 1437 1603, was a top ten Sunday Times best seller, BBC History book of the year, Daily Telegraph book of the year, and History Today book of the year THE SISTERS WHO WOULD BE QUEEN THE TRAGEDY OF MARY, KATHERINE AND LADY JANE GREY, was a New York Times best seller and is the inspiration for Phillippa Gregory s 2017 novel THE LAST TUDOR Her latest book WHITE KING,, a biography of the doomed Charles I, is her most dramatic yet and is the winner of the 2018 Historical Writers Association non fiction crown.Leanda does a monthly podcast on itunes Ten Minute Tudors, it uncovers the true Tudors and Stuarts behind the myths.

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    There have been an awful lot of books, movies, and TV shows about the Tudors Their cultural impression is larger than life Events of historic importance certainly occurred during their reigns, probably most significantly the Protestant Reformation, but it is their colorful antics that make them memorable Even the Plantagenets who preceded them, ruling for 331 years in contrast to a mere 118 for the Tudors, are much less promi

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    Tudor The Family Story begins at the funeral procession of Catherine of Valois in 1437 in order to relate the origins of the Tudor name Catherine and Owen Tudor s relationship is depicted as truly romantic I had quite a chuckle or two as Ms de Lisle showed she has a slightly ribald sense of humor There was music playing, and her servants were dancing While Catherine watched, Owen performed a leap which span out of control, and he fe

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    In her look at the Tudor Dynasty, Ms De Lisle has delivered a very reader friendly book Starting with the Owen Tudor, Henry VII s grandfather and who gave the dynasty its name, the author looks at the family that ruled England from 1485 thru the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 In telling their story Ms De Lisle states to understand the Tudors, one must understand how they saw themselves.This is not your standard history The author just doesn

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    An interesting book which takes the approach of going back to the earlier characters in the story of the Tudor family, starting with Owen Tudor who married the widowed Queen of France after a wild dance leap landed him in her lap The book goes through each of the personnel, giving a good insight especially into the women who usually are background characters such as Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, and Margaret Douglas, daughter of Henry V

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    Disclaimer Arc read via Netgalley Thank you Netgalley, Perseus Books, and Public Affairs Books.I can hear you asking the question do we really need another book about the Tudors Really Well, I don t know about need, but I can say this is a very excellent look at the Tudor family If you were going to buy one book about the Tudor dynasty, this should be it It s not that I didn t like Meyer s book about the family, but de Lisle is just better In part, this

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    For us Tudorphiles, there really isn t anything we don t already know about one of history s most dramatic families So what s the point of reading another book on the Tudor dynasty Perhaps this can be answered by Leanda de Lisle in Tudor The Family Story.Lisle s version of events in Tudor stands out instantly, as the tone presented to the reader is not simply that of a recollection of Tudor monarchy life but the basics and underlying psychosis of the family Li

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    Why read another a Tudor book De Lisle takes on the family history from Owen Tudor to James I This isn t another Henry and his wives book De Lisle s NF books are not text bookish They are easy to read and before you know it hours have gone by, she brought many new things to my attention proof Margaret Beaufort wasn t the evil step mother, Henry VIII wanted 16 executors in charge of Edward, was Mary Queen of Scots raped I consider myself very informed on the Tudors an

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    I ve read a good number of books on the Tudors It s my favorite period of history.This book is extremely thoroughly reasearched and presents events in an unbiased manner This is important because I ve read enough books on the Tudors that have been slightly compromised due to an author s opinion being forced on the reader It s frankly annoying when that happens and De Lisle refrained from making this mistake.She had a bit of a wry sense of humor which I appreciate Just enoug

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    Nothing new in this one but an interesting and entertaining read none the less My only gripe with this one just like most books about the Tudors is the lesser known family members get shoved to the sidelines and barely get a mention.

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    Leanda de Lisle has a gift for writing historical books When the history is as compelling as that of the Tudors, no embellishment is needed, and de Lisle tells the story masterfully This book is impeccably researched, and de Lisle backs up everything she says with primary sources, which she then uses to debunk a lot of popular myths and misconceptions that have sprung up around the Tudors.The great thing about this book is its broad scope, and de Lisle manages to weave a coherent story o

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