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Half a Rupee Stories Twenty Five Fascinating Stories From The Inimitable GulzarA Suicide Bomber In A Small Town Plans Out Her Last Day, Getting Herself Photographed Before She Goes And Blows Up The Prime Minister A Drunkard In A Mumbai Slum Tries To Compete With The Torrential Rain, Even As It Washes His Dwelling Away An Army Man At The Border Has Become So Accustomed To Speaking Over The Wireless That He Ends Every Sentence With Over And In The Title Story, A Cop Drags A Dead Cow From Vinayak Rao Patwardhan Road To The Adjoining Bapu Road, Since The Latter Is So Much Easier To Spell.From Real Life Stories About Javed Akhtar, Sahir Ludhianvi And Kuldip Nayyar To Tales Set In Kashmir, In The Hinterland, In The Modern Megapolis And On The LoC, From Anecdotes Of Love And Betrayal To Fables Of Courage And Conviction, This Is An Enthralling Collection Available In English For The Very First Time.

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    That Gulzar is a magician with words is a given Notwithstanding his contribution to Bollywood, Gulzar has written soul stirring poetry in Hindi and Urdu that can give you goosebumps I came across this book while I was reading one of his fabulous poems online Without giving it a second thought, I ordered for the book

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    My rating is not for the book as such It is for two heartwarming stories Ghugu and Jamuni Oh What a lovely lovely tale A bird in love with a kite A story that will be in my heart forever.Even if you skip the whole book it is ok, but don t miss this love storyThe Charioteer At first you might feel sorry for Maruti who works asa

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    The translation killed the stories for me

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    Half a Rupee Stories is a brilliant translation of Gulzar Saab s works by Sunjoy Shekhar In this choicest collection of short stories Gulzar Saab , like always, weaves his magic of raconteuring Encompassing stories from the length and breadth of his homeland i.e from the panic stricken valleys of Kashmir, the skirmishes along the barbed borders o

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    Gulzar A good storyteller is the conscious keeper of a nationWalk through the pages of a book and you ll find charactersLike old friends In the corridors of timeA large part of me still lives on that side of the borderMy roots still remain on the other sideJaved AkhterPoetry flows in his veins J Krishnamurti. History would be read and then repeatedDreams h

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    Touching stories, some, but I didn t like all of them I believe they might have read better in Hindi.

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    Half a rupee stories by Gulzar is a compendium of twenty five stories touching various chords of the human sentiments, woven around those daily emotions of one s life that there is some inherent oneness that the reader feel once he reads the stories There are no major plots in the stories to glue the readers there are no exemplary twists and turns to arouse one s interest the

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    Atthani would be too much to pay for this sentimental drivel When he isn t namedropping, Gulzar presents us with excruciatingly crude caricatures of the picturesque poor He s trying so hard to be like Manto, esp the story Hilsa where a murdered gangrape victim s eyes are compared to that of a fish on the chopping board of a coy Bengali housewife Manto had compared the necrophiliac ener

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    2.5 5Out of 25 stories divided in 8 parts, immensely enjoyed 7 stories comprising mostly the first and the last parts Rest of it were at best mediocre and a total let down.The ones which struck many chords in my heart and the sole reason to be happy to have picked this Kuldip Nayyar and Pir Sahib Real account of Kuldip Nayyar s memory of Pir SahibSahir and Jaadu Real account of Javed Akhtar s re

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    A few stories might have a slow pace but almost all of them are really good You got to admire the simplicity and lucidity The stories were very touching and masqueraded the sadistic life people near the border live due ...

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