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The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes In The Year An Elderly Dr John Watson Is Looking Back Over His Life And His Time Spent With His Brilliant Friend And Master Of Deduction Sherlock Holmes He Writes In A Letter To The Reader That He Has Assembled A List Of Seven Untold Adventures That Span From His And Sherlock S Early Years Until The Time Of Sherlock S Retirement Watson Explains That He Wishes To Leave, Not Only His Family But The Public With A Final Compilation Of Adventures That He And Sherlock Shared While He Is Still Able In These Seven Stories Holmes And Watson Are Caught In The Middle Of Multiple Government Scandals Acquitted Client Diamond Jubilee Cold Blooded Murders Poisoned Affair Saint Mary S Murder And Terrorist Groups The Yellow Handkerchief As Well Holmes And Watson Come Face To Face The Spirits Of Darkness The Haunted Hotel And In A Story That Works Through Over A Decade Of Holmes S Cases, We Learn The Truth About Watson S Marital Life And What Happened To His Wife Mary After Holmes S Apparent Death At Reichenbach The Solved ProblemThese Untold Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Will Engage Holmes Fans From All Over And Will Bring Them Deeper Into The World Of Sherlock Holmes And The Complexities Within

About the Author: Luke Benjamen Kuhns

Luke Kuhns is an international crime writer and reviewer He is a master storyteller with a wonderful sense of the macabre which has captivated audiences around the world His two best selling novellas Sherlock Holmes Studies in Legacy and The Scarlet Thread of Murder have been praised by critics and fans of Sherlock Holmes Luke has also authored two graphic novels including Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Crystal Blue Bottle and the critically acclaimed bone chilling horror Sherlock Holmes The Horror of Frankenstein, the world s first Sherlock Holmes and Frankenstein graphic novel He has contributed to several crime fiction and academic collections inducing Beyond Watson, The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Vol 1, and Fan Phenomena Sherlock Holmes.His latest title, Welcome to Undershaw A Brief History of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes, is a move into biographies Luke has written a wonderful and unique history about Conan Doyle, his writings and his time living at his Surrey home, Undershaw.Luke has spoken at the University College London s Past and Present Conference, debated in the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 3 and 4, and has been featured on Japanese TV Network NHK Luke s official website is a multimedia platform where he releases exclusive short stories and reviews popular tv series, films, books and .

10 thoughts on “The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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    I don t know whether to blame the author or the publisher, but there were parts of this book that were hard to read because I was distracted by errors Twice the author used the word etched when it was clearly meant to be edged There were other grammar and typogra

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    This collection includes seven novellas drawn from a variety of times during Holmes career The letter by Dr Watson that precedes the stories explains that these tales were not told earlier for a variety of reasons but mostly to prevent further harm to the victims There se

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    The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Luke Benjamen KuhnsMy thanks to Steve and Timi at MX Publications for my review copy of this book.The seven stories in this volume are cases never given to the public by Dr Watson The Adventure of the Poisoned Affair involves adventurer

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    This book gets about a 3.5 from me I won this as a Goodreads first reads book I have never actually read a Sherlock Holmes mystery, but I thought that most of the stories in this collection were enjoyable There are seven cases total, with the third case being the longest They are all told

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    This is a really good attempt to recreate the voice and magic of the original Sherlock Holmes stories The plots of each short story are the true strength of this book and contain some very clever and imaginative ideas My particular favourite is The Adventure of St Mary s Murder because I think that

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    Maybe I received an mis printed copy of an early draft because my reading experience was very different from the other reviewers here.The writing is horrible The misplaced and missing punctuation and improper capitalization could be the result of bad copy editing, but other grammar issues such as confused v

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    This book contains several really well written Sherlock Holmes short stories The author does extremely well in capturing the atmosphere of the original books, while also adding in his own originality Often while thinking about Sherlock Holmes stories I would get confused and think that one of these stories was an or

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    Some research on best Sherlock Holmes Pastiches would ve told me this book isn t up there While the stories are almost enjoyable, the lucid verbiage of ACD and those explanations made of compound sentences are absent When I picked this one, I thought I m hungry forHolmesian adventures, but after reading it I understood my hu

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    I quite enjoyed this book It had a very intriguing perspective on the famed legendary detective, and was combined with a clever set of shorts which I felt kept me turning pages Recommended for any Sherlock fan young or old.

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    Unfortunately, the edition I read was littered with grammatical errors, wrong words and missing words Very disappointed The cover design though is amazing.

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