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The Good German With World War II Finally Ending, Jake Geismar, Former Berlin Correspondent For CBS, Has Wangled One Of The Coveted Press Slots For The Potsdam Conference His Assignment A Series Of Articles On The Allied Occupation His Personal Agenda To Find Lena, The German Mistress He Left Behind At The Outbreak Of The WarWhen Jake Stumbles On A Murder An American Soldier Washes Up On The Conference Grounds He Thinks He Has Found The Key That Will Unlock His Berlin Story What Jake Finds Instead Is A Larger Story Of Corruption And Intrigue Reaching Deep Into The Heart Of The Occupation Berlin In July 1945 Is Like Nowhere Else A Tragedy, And A Feverish Party After The End Of The WorldAs Jake Searches The Ruins For Lena, He Discovers That Years Of War Have Led To Unimaginable Displacement And Degradation As He Hunts For The Soldier S Killer, He Learns That Berlin Has Become A City Of Secrets, A Lunar Landscape That Seethes With Social And Political Tension When The Two Searches Become Entangled, Jake Comes To Understand That The American Military Government Is Already Fighting A New Enemy In The East, Busily Identifying The Good Germans Who Can Help Win The Next War And Hanging Over Everything Is The Larger Crime, A Crime So Huge That It Seems The Worst Irony Beyond PunishmentAt Once A Murder Mystery, A Moving Love Story, And A Riveting Portrait Of A Unique Time And Place, The Good German Is A Historical Thriller Of The First Rank.

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    All I want to say is PLEASE read this book before you see the movie In fact, don t watch the movie after you read it as well If you enjoy WWII fiction that reads like fiction, then you will love this book But the movie like most movies based on a book is HORRIBLE I couldn t put this book down

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    Kanon s The Good German starts slowly, designed to immerse the reader in the atmosphere of the Berlin of the early post war months It is July 1945, the time of the Potsdam Conference Kanon s ability to take you virtually by the hand and to lead you through the place is exemplary ruins, bombed out houses, roads blocked by rubble, empty spaces where, before, B

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    Took a while to get into but thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of post war Berlin Quite a few subplots running throughout the novel and they were not all completely addressed to my mind However I did feel that t...

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    Set in Berlin at the time of the Potsdam Conference, just after the Allied victory in Europe, Jake Geismar, an American journalist, is searching for his German girlfriend, Lena, along with a story for his magazine While there, a murder is committed, and Jake gets involved At first, the murder and the search for Lena do not seem connected, but with the help of German d

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    The Good German is a thrilling historical mystery, with a gripping underlying psychological exploration Kanon presents the struggle for German rocket scientists, Americans versus Russians, with both sides desperate to enhance their own post war technology and neither concerned about the Nazi past and practices of the men they are seeking It is hard to find the moral high g

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    The days surrounding the fall of the Third Reich have never failed to generate an interest among historians and romantics alike So was the case with me when I picked this book up during a random search in a forgettable old book sale Sold to me at a half price or probably lesser than that, I kept this book in my shelf for almost a year before someone read it and got so impressed

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    Falls a good editor short of Worth my time status Involved and overlong mystery set in immediately post war Berlin in 1945 has too many intricate subplots and subsequent false ending resolutions to sustain edge of seat emotional levels all the way through, and the great emotional impact of the first few scenes setting up the philsophical discussion of the good German is dulled by to

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    I have had this on my to read list for a long time, and I m so glad I finally got around to it.The Good German is a subtle mystery that will keep you guessing until the end, but what really makes it work is its uncanny ear for the dialogue of the WWII generation and the ways they have of relating to each other, and the complex, nuanced moral entangl...

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    If Tom Clancy and Casablanca had a love child, it d be this book, and it s a great read More action and faced paced suspense than Casablanca,emotional depth than Clancy But at the same time, it has both their drawbacks as well too many characters with interchangeable Russian and German names, and it depends on the reader having a healthy knowledge of the history of WWII in order to understand

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    Not my favorite It s very plot heavy, and I m a character development lover I love the descriptions of Berlin and I wish I d had a map to trace where he was at every move That said, he knew far too much of Berlin far too well The city is much bigger than Kanon makes it out to be I do like the way ...

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