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Feersum Endjinn In A World Where One Can Live Multiple Lives, Count Alandre Sessine VIII Has Survived Seven Times And Is Down To His Last, Leaving Him One Final Shot At Finding His Killer His Only Clues Point To A Conspiracy That Reaches Far Beyond His Own Murder, And Survival Lies In Discovering Other Fugitives Who Know The Truth About The Ultimate Weapon Of Chaos And Salvation Reprint.

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    Riting a revyoo as thoh I wuz Bascule seems 2 me the obveeyus cors 1 mit even say the playd cors the yoosd up an cleechayd cors But a browz uv the revyoos postd on Goodreedz indicayts uderwize I wood thot bi now sumbudy wood ritten a

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    This is a serious work of the imagination It doesn t really fit in the Culture novels, but it s definitely some Hard SF with a beautiful vision of a far old Earth filled with so many Big Ideas We ve got everything from allotted resurrections,

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    Scottish writer Iain M Banks with his book Feersum Endjinn has given us the second science fiction novel not based upon or set within the Culture universe, the first being Against a Dark Background Feersum Endjinn is additionally Iain M Banks s sixth wo

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    By looking at my star rating you might think I am not a fan of Iain M Banks non Culture novel Feersum Endjin That is not the truth, though I am a fan A big fan, actually, but I try to stick to what the stars claim they are for, and since they range from didn t li

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    Iain M Banks is the only sf author I ve actively pursued in years His Culture novels have been particularly interesting, their sociological framework being unusually intelligent for the genre.This is not a Culture novel per se, though, god knows, it may fit in somewhere as

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    It grabbed me from the start Part of this was the simple spectacle of it all, of the brobdingnagian castle where most of the story is set, in its kilometers long, kilometers tall chambers, of a destructive civil war between royalists and those aligned with the clan of Engineers, of

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    First of all, I m a big Iain Banks fan Keep that in mind when I tell you that this book is unreadable.The number one problem is that one of the main characters has some sort of disability and can only write phonetically So you have to wade through pages and pages of garbage like this But am B

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    Set on an almost unrecognizable far future Earth, this book is Iain M Banks second non Culture SF endevour Earth is past it s golden hour, and technology has fallen into the realm of mysticism and ritual The story follows four different people living in the remains of what can only be described as an d

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    I don t know what to think This one will have to sit and be turned over in the mental thought bank for a while the difficulties of following the narrative through POV changes and the phonetically written sections made it fragment in my mind, despite me reading it at my usual tremendous pace I think I liked it a

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    This is good It is as intelligent as thecontemporary The Bridge which so far is still my favorite novel coming from Iain Banks that I have yet read I am still wading through his books , it is not set in the Culture series, but as a stand alone sci fi novel with a very unique aspect about it, just as all his novels contain

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