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DC Confidential: The Controversial Memoirs of Britain's Ambassador to the US at the Time of 9/11 and the Run-up to the Iraq War Christopher Meyer Was Ambassador To The United States From To , During Which Time He Was An Eyewitness To And Participant In The Events Following And The Preparations For The Iraq War A Riveting And Candid Memoir Of Life Behind The Diplomatic Scenes, Meyer S Book Is An Honest Account Of What He Saw, What He Heard, And How He Felt

10 thoughts on “DC Confidential: The Controversial Memoirs of Britain's Ambassador to the US at the Time of 9/11 and the Run-up to the Iraq War

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    Very interesting read from a very connected man Meyer s sympathies clearly lie to the right of the spectrum while his impressions of the Democrats are fair, his portraits of American Republicans are hopelessly optimistic Nothing in the book backs up his assertion that Bush was n

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    I picked this book up on a whim and then put off reading it based on my perceptions of the genre I always expect political books to be dry and boring, going into details that I am not interested in in too much detail and skipping over the things I am interested in.This was not the case wi

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    Meyer s memoirs provide a picture of British Foreign relations with Clinton and Bush administrations Don t expect great depth from this book It does seem to scratch the surface Yet Meyer does give us his impressions of notables including Clinton, Bush, Blair, Powell, Cheney, Rice, and Rove What is

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    I have to assume that a book by a senior and experienced diplomat will give an accurate account both of the objectives of a diplomat and the process of trying to meet those objectives As usual in trying to understand how we go about conducting ourselves overseas, I found the experience revelatory and disturb

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    This was a good book, overall It s quite entertaining because of his honest depiction of everything, which is the angle publishers also took to sell the book Thinking this was a review of the building up to the Iraq War following 9 11 I was a little disappointed by how much he focused on his own career So be aware tha

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    For a former diplomat, Sir ChristopherMeyer is deliciously indiscreet DC Confidential is an account of his five and a half years as Britain s ambassador in Washington The period covers the 9 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the build up to the second Gulf war.The insight into the private and public lives of some of the

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    Wasn t sure why I picked this up considering I am neither interested in nor understand politics These are the memoirs of the British ambassador to the US at the end of the nineties and beginning of the noughties I found his writing style quite amiable and enjoyed reading about his personal experiences but the political stuff kind of lost

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    Showed how foreign policy is sometimes dictated by accident The author did not appear to like new labour and I think the feeling was mutual George W Bush comes across completely different to the western media portrayal, but then so does Tony Blairs.Recommend but only if you are interested in politics of foreign affairs.

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    I thought it was good, the switch from Major to Blair was interesting, the aspect of Catherine and her children in Germany, Jonathan Powell s behaviour was astounding The time around 9 11, the fair mindedness around Blair s reactions It was a good read.

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    Great book, his clear dislike of new labour comes through loud and clear I would have loved to have read it before it was edited by the foreign office bods New Labour s childish tactics weren t a surprise but made good reading Am I giving away my political leanings

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